How to Balance Music Production with Family Life and Parenting

Being a parent and a musician can be hard. You certainly want to work on your dreams and, at the same time, give quality time to your spouse and children. Balancing both aspects of life may require hard work, but it’s not impossible.

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In this article, we’ll share practical tips to balance music production with family life and parenting, so you don’t feel guilty in any way.

Time Is Gold

Balance Music Production with Family Life

As a musician and parent, you will have to manage your time in the best way possible. Even if you get free time on your hand, don’t waste it on less productive things like watching a movie or playing games.

It’s better to invest your precious time in something valuable, for instance, learning or practising a new skill that will be valuable to your musical career.

When it’s time for music production, you should entirely focus on that particular task. Turn off your electronic devices, and if you can, make music outside your home. You shouldn’t think about anything else during this time, as you want to make it worthwhile.

Maximize Your Productivity

As you don’t have all the time in the world, and you need to do more in little spare time, you need to get productive and do A LOT in a short period.

Put your mind to only one task at a time, like remixing. This way, you will give full attention to this task and won’t restrict yourself from getting productive by thinking about having to do several other tasks at a time.

Once you’re working on a track, don’t try to find mistakes in it. Reserve mistakes for later and correct them in a go quickly. If you keep producing music and, at the same time, keep finding mistakes, you will be wasting plenty of time.

Don’t Feel Guilty When Not Making Music

Family life

When you are not making music, you may feel guilty and even think you might be behind or missing out on opportunities. However, you should appreciate your hard work and efforts as a parent.

You can even use your “free time” to your advantage. The best ideas come to your mind when you aren’t making music. List them down on your notepad and save them for later when you will actually be working on your music.

All this still shouldn’t deprive you of spending quality time with your spouse and children.  

Remember What’s Most Important

Music production and family life are equally important to you, but you should never miss out on important events—for instance, your children’s school year vacation, family birthdays, and wedding anniversary.

Make sure you do nothing else on these special days but be with them and celebrate precious moments. These things add meaning to your life and make music production more enjoyable and easier.

Even if you’re producing music and your little one enters your room, don’t discourage them. Instead, involve them in the music production process as well. Although this may take a bit extra time, these are the important and memorable times of your life.

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