How Much Should You Pay For A High Quality Composite Door

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Composite Doors UK is a popular search term in search engines because they are becoming increasingly sought after among homeowners looking for replacement front or back doors. It’s no surprise since they are incredibly sturdy and strong. But that’s not all. They’re also thermally efficient, resistant to weathering and renowned for their high security. Due to the variety of materials in composite doors, they are extremely long lasting as well. You’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to design, making finding one to suit your home a lot easier.

So how much should you pay for a composite door? By being high-quality products, composite doors do cost more than standard doors that are made from only uPVC, wood or aluminium. The price will ultimately depend on your specifications and the style of door you choose. Read on to learn more about the different composite door styles and their typical prices.

Half Glazed

With a half glazed composite door, the lower portion of the frame is solid and the top area features an attractive glazed panel. The glazing is ideal if you want to flood your home with plenty of natural light. You can choose from a range of patterned glass panels to enhance your chosen door design, whether it be an arch or square glazed panel at the top half of the door. Although glazing can often incur extra cost, it’s worth it because half glazed doors are more visually pleasing than solid doors that block the sun out from your property.

A high quality half glazed composite door should cost anything between £800 and £1250, and the price you pay will largely depend on the size, glazing and finishes you choose. There’s also the cost of fitting your door, which shouldn’t be any more than around £260 to have it professionally installed. When you consider that the door will be made to your exact specifications with your personal choice of material and glazed panels, it’s a fair price to pay.

Arched Toplight

If you want to protect privacy and obscure the view while letting natural light fill your space, an arched toplight composite door is the ideal solution. A glazed arched toplight at the very top of the frame will also improve the appearance of your door. The small glazed panel will be a semi-circle shape and look similar to a rising sun. This style of composite door is slightly less expensive than a half glazed type because less glazing is used to complete the design.

An arched toplight composite door is better suited to the front of your home and is more commonly used as a front door, rather than a back door. Prices range from £700 to £1100, and the average cost of installation is £255. Although this door style will open your home to extra natural light, a half glazed composite door will let in a lot more, so you need to think about how bright you want to make your space appear when selecting your replacement door.

Solid Solutions

Not interested in glazed composite doors? A solid alternative is a perfect option. You actually have a choice when it comes to solid solutions and can have either a standard solid door or a solid fire door. Both styles offer a simple look and can help to reduce noise pollution, as well as improve safety and heat retention. Obviously, a solid fire door will better protect your property in the event of a fire than a standard solid composite door.

All solid composite door styles are available in a selection of colours and finishes to suit your home and personal taste. The standard option works well as a front or back door and will cost between £700 and £1025. Solid fire doors are similar in price at £700 to £1050 but don’t forget to factor in the fitting cost of around £250 for both door types.


The diamond composite door provides a sophisticated contemporary look that is appealing to the eyes. It features an upright glazed diamond at the top portion of the door to let in a reasonable amount of light from the outside whilst respecting your privacy and security requirements. Of course, the door frame itself can be finished in a range of classic and modern colours to complement the style of your home. Plus, the diamond-shaped panel can be made even more delightful using patterned glass instead of plain glazing.

You shouldn’t need to spend a fortune on a diamond composite door, which should cost on average between £800 and £1225. The fitting costs are also reasonable at around £255 for this type of composite door. If you like the idea of having a diamond-shaped glass panel on your door but want to maximise natural light that enters your home, you could choose a three diamond panel door. This style uses three separate glass panels that are lined top to bottom along the middle of the door’s structure.


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