How do you change his sleeping pattern?

Beanie Boy is now 10 weeks old and we are doing really well with his feeding and sleeping, apart from one little problem which (thanks to my baby brain) occurred to me today!  He usually wakes up between 7am and 8am for his first feed of the day and then falls back to sleep until around 10am (unless we’re out and about then his sleeps have no pattern).  Throughout the day he tends to be awake for 2 hours and then asleep for 2 hours until we get to the evening when he pretty much stays awake for the whole evening and feeds every 2 hours until 11pm when he has his last feed.  He has already started to sleep right through but how do we go about transferring that long “lie-in” in a morning to the evening?

We do have a bedtime routine, well sort of!?!?  He has a feed 5pm and then around 6.30pm we give him a bath and massage (with lavender oil) in time for his next feed at 7pm.  Ideally I would like to be putting him down to sleep in his bedroom at this time until his next feed at 9pm but he is in no way sleepy, he’s just full of chatter and cheekiness, wanting to play.  He stays like that for the entire evening?

I don’t remember Little Bean being like this, I know we kept her downstairs with us in the evenings until she was about 6 weeks old and then we introduced her bedtime routine and all was sorted but Beanie Boy doesn’t seem to be playing the game?

Can anyone recommend the best way to alter his clock slightly?

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