How Do High-Velocity AC Systems Work

In recent times, global warming has increased which has made it difficult for people to bear the scorching heat in most parts of the world. For this reason, the need for having a proper cooling system in every building and household has skyrocketed in almost every country.

Over the past few decades, technology has advanced a lot and managed to invent numerous cooling mechanisms, that include compressors, heat pumps, window units, traditional AC, or mini-splits. Just recently, amongst the numerous wonders of technology, came another wonder that is also known as a High-Velocity AC. These High-Velocity AC systems are conditioning systems that have specific benefits which cannot be provided by a traditional air conditioner. However, the claim cannot be validated unless there’s proof. This is why this article will help clarify all of your doubts and concerns regarding what it is and how it works.

What is a High-Velocity System?

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The human body can react to external and internal temperature conditions. Our body temperature is dependent on two factors; external and internal changes. Our temperature functions according to homeostasis. When we are exposed to burning temperatures in our environment, our body reacts and causes sweating to maintain its internal temperature. However, over-sweating can be hazardous as it can lead to dehydration that can hurt your overall body mechanism.

A high-velocity air conditioning system is also known as ‘’small-duct’’ which is the re-engineered form of traditional air conditioners. A High-Velocity system helps create a faster flow of cool air into a place and helps people to prevent their bodies from overheating and sweating. It regulates the temperature more efficiently and quickly than a conventional air conditioner. It comes with small air handlers which makes it easier to fix them into compact spaces in any building. Moreover, it has an energy-efficient insulating tube and small ducts which are 2 inches in diameter. The system is noisy but manageable. Let’s dive into how this new type of cooling technology works and what are the benefits of installing this system in your area.

How does a High-Velocity AC System Work?

Traditional air conditioners are good at maintaining the temperature of a building but it is more difficult to deal with when it comes to installing ductwork and fixing them. As compared to the older technology, High-Velocity AC is cost-effective since it consumes less energy. Considering the different types of HVAC systems available in the market and observing the Unico high velocity HVAC system cost & overview of the market situation, we have found out that the current High-Velocity AC system’s ductwork can be installed effortlessly without creating mess since it saves you from the hassle of spending money on tearing the walls of your place. It is more flexible than normal AC since the cost of remodelling can be reduced. It is a powerhouse in terms of providing better humidity removal. Concerning these factors, a High-Velocity AC system can be considered a must-have for your building.

While traditional AC and High-Velocity AC operate with almost similar mechanisms, the air which is cooled by the units in High-Velocity AC is distributed differently. The air is first directed to the air handler instead of a traditional handler that pressurizes it. The air is further passed through two-inch tubes that are installed within your home walls. The cool air then passes from the ducts through small vents (5 inches in diameter) into your home and makes the temperature cooler.

Advantages of Using High-Velocity AC

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For old homes that do not have space for traditional ductwork, the installation of high-velocity AC is the only solution to fighting the increasingly hot temperatures across the world. With a customizable thermostat, you can easily control the temperature to ensure it doesn’t consume much electricity when you’re out.

The list of features is exceedingly long considering the numerous advantages. However, here are some of the most common advantages of high-velocity AC.

  • Dehumidifies the house quicker than a conventional AC system.
  • Has the ability to provide excellent temperature-controlling features in all seasons.
  • Using an HVAC system, you can be sure of finding consistent temperatures on each floor of your home.
  • Considering the consistently increasing heat in the majority parts of the world, the importance of cooling systems is only going to increase. While traditional air conditioners work fine, for now, the increasing levels of heat will continue to worsen the temperature. This is why this new technology of high-velocity air conditioners is attracting attention to ensure that we continue to operate under livable and comfortable conditions.
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