Getting Organised With Bigdug Shelving

If you’re tackling home improvements, you know how important organisation is. Finding ways to keep everything in its place and make the most of your space can be a challenge, but with the help of Bigdug shelving, it doesn’t have to be. Bigdug shelving offers a range of storage hacks perfect for organizing all your tools and materials while completing any home improvement project.

In 2020 we began a two-storey extension of our family home. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for how much upheaval it would cause. Suddenly, furniture and boxes were crammed into every available space to add to the chaos. I thought it would be a great idea to convert one side of our double garage into a garden room to give us an extra room downstairs.

Everyone knows that the garage is where we store (read dump) everything that we don’t want in the house, so I needed to come up with a storage solution that worked, and we needed one fast.

Hello BigDug!

Getting Organised With Bigdug Shelving 1

In our previous roles, Simon and I worked in Motor Dealerships and remembered the fantastic shelving and racking systems they used in stores and for van racking. We contacted our ex-colleague to ask if they could tell us what they were called, and BigDug was their name!

When embarking on any home improvement project, organisation and storage is a key factors. BigDug shelving offers the perfect solution to keep your work area organised and efficient.

BigDug shelving is an ideal storage choice for home improvements as it can be easily adapted and configured to meet your individual needs. It’s easy to assemble with no required tools, meaning it can be quickly set up in even the most cluttered areas. The shelves are also adjustable, giving you flexibility when storing various items that come with completing a home improvement project. Additionally, the shelves are heavy-duty, so they can hold up to 150kg per shelf, allowing you to store even bulky items securely and safely.

Shelving Components

Offering a variety of components, BigDug Shelving consists of frames, shelves and accessories that allow us to customize our storage needs. The frames are constructed from high-quality steel, providing stability, while the shelves are made from strong chipboard that can support up to 250kgs per shelf. For those who need extra strength on the upper shelves, there is also the option to add strengthening bars which provide even greater stability.

Installation Process

Bigdug Shelving

The only tool you actually need when building your shelving units is a rubber mallet, as it is that easy. You begin by slotting the cross beams into the upright corner supports on all four corners of the unit. Once you have added all four corner supports and have used the rubber mallet to ensure the cross beams have been fully inserted, it’s just a case of putting the shelving into place on the frame.

When Simon built ours, he was able to complete all units along one side of our garage and across the back wall (including a corner unit which provides lots of additional space (I highly recommend this unit).

Now thanks to BigDug, our garage is much more organised, and it’s far easier to see what we have at a glance. We are slowly chipping away at all the unwanted items with further trips to the tip, car boot sales and, of course, trying to buy less in the first place!


In conclusion, using BigDug shelving for organisations when completing home improvements is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage tools and resources. It ensures that the space you are working in is kept tidy and clutter-free, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Not only does it save time, but it also helps to minimise any potential safety risks. Furthermore, with a vast range of size options, BigDug shelving can accommodate almost any storage requirement.

Getting Organised With Bigdug Shelving 2

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