Get Some Effective Hair Restoration Treatment through non-surgical methods

Many men and women face hair loss issues throughout their lives. Hair losses have different patterns, and men mostly face bald patterns. According to some studies, women start thinning hair after the age of 25 and sometimes have severe hair loss. Let us discuss some non-surgical methods for restoring hair for both men and women.

PRP Therapy (Platelet-Rich-Plasma)

Hair Restoration Treatment

This is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss that helps in restoring the hair effectively. The platelets are obtained from the blood of the patient, and they are injected into the scalp. This is a very new type of hair loss treatment where growth factors and proteins help in healing the body and stimulates hair growth. Those people who are in their early stages of hair thinning will benefit from this method. They should not have any chronic disease, blood disease, or dermatological issues.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

This is a hair replacement solution that uses ink to create an illusion of natural hair. For this method, formulated ink is used in various types of dots and shades in your scalp to appear as close shaved hair.

LLLT Therapy

Low-Level laser Therapy helps stimulate hair growth by using various conditions like stroke recovery, wound healing, and hair loss. The low-intensity light is used to stimulate the epidermal cells within the hair follicles. Disease-related hair loss, post-partum hair loss, and post-menopausal hair loss can be treated with this type of therapy. QC Kinetix (Peoria) will help to guide you about the method that will be suitable for you in treating your hair loss issues.

Hair Growth Tablets 

There are many hair stimulant serums and tablets available in the market. All the products are approved by FDA and are clinically proven. A range of minerals and vitamins can stimulate hair growth, and therefore doctors prescribed vitamins or minerals tablets should be taken for the hair restoration process. If you are suffering from hereditary hair loss, DHT blocker pills can help in preventing the additional loss of hair. When you are searching for professional help for hair restoration, you may visit:

Other Hair-Loss Products

Besides tablets, other topical solutions are available in the market for restricting hair loss and stimulating the growth of hair. They may come in liquid or in the form of foam that can be directly applied to the scalp. Besides serums and shampoos, other products may include

  • Minoxidil, which is found in the retail shop on the counter
  • Anthralin is used for treating alopecia. 
  • Tretinoin which treats both male pattern and female pattern baldness

Healthy Diet 

Whether applying a surgical or non-surgical hair restoration process, you should always maintain a healthy diet. You should always remain hydrated and never skip breakfast. Iron-rich foods and sufficient protein intake are also necessary for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.


All the above method says about the non-surgical process of hair loss treatment and hair restoration. You should consult a doctor before deciding which therapy will be suitable for you.

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