Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe Stroller

Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe Stroller I have never been the biggest fan of umbrella stroller pushchairs but when I am asked if I would like to review one I always do it with an open mind as I am fully aware that there are good and bad examples of everything. When the Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe stroller landed at the Mummy Matters house I was actually excited at the idea of going out for a walk with it.

The things that I don’t normally like about umbrella strollers are how flimsy they feel to push, kind of wobbly if you like and they aren’t generally tall enough for me but I am being proved wrong on the umbrella stroller market as this is now the second such stroller that I have REALLY liked. The first one belonged to my friend Karin and after borrowing it for our holiday in June, I think I finally returned it to her in October!!

The Safe Voyage Deluxe is really tall and so is perfect for both Hubby and me, popping it up and putting it down is very simple with a handle on the back which you squeeze and pull upwards to unlock, then just the usual foot on the side lever and push forwards to fold. No trapped fingers and no shouting or screaming so that was a big success. I was very impressed with the shopping basket which is very reasonably sized and even unzips at the side so that you can access it when baby is in the recline position.

There is a generous size hood with a large pocket on the back which has a magnetic catch so is really handy for storing keys, mobile phone and/or your purse. The front of the hood has a pull down flap for that extra bit of protection and the top of the hood is see-through mesh with a window under so that you can easily see you little one without having to sneak a peak around the side.

image Beanie Boy seems very happy with his new chariot, it makes a nice change for him to see the world coming towards him rather than facing Mummy’s mush staring back at him all the time. The seat is a generous size with a reversible padded insert which is black with red stitching on one side or red with black stitching on the other side. There is a rainproof footmuff which attaches to the pushchair, a removable headhugger and raincover which all come with the stroller. My only piece of advice is that you will probably still want to use a blanket underneath the footmuff if you are out and about in the winter as the footmuff isn’t overly thick but it is certainly better than nothing.

Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe Stroller

The front wheels can be set to swivel or lock and the footbrake is really easy to operate, although I do tend to kick the rear wheels a couple of times when I first use the pushchair again after reverting back to my main pushchair.

The Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe has become my go-to pushchair when I know I am going to be walking somewhere with uneven ground because it is really sturdy to push and it doesn’t feel like it is going to fall apart at any moment. I also use it when I am short on space in the boot of my car or I just need to pop out. It has become a very welcome member of the family but then as a Fisher Price product I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe Stroller RRP is £219.99 and is currently available from:


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  1. The footmuff is a really good addition to a stroller because blankets never stay put, my little man seems perfectly happy in this. Interesting to learn that strollers are cheaper here 🙂

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