Family-friendly Hotels to Stay in While Touring New York

Ranked as one of the world’s best family travel destinations, New York City packs a delightful punch for both kids and adults visiting the area. Travelling with family is no doubt expensive. You’ll need to carry out extensive research to organize your trip. Thankfully, even if you have a fussy eater, the New York food scene can cater to everyone.

Even though accommodation in NYC can be pretty expensive, you can still find family-friendly hotels that can adequately serve you and your family’s needs. Excellent accommodation will ensure that you enjoy some peace of mind even as you explore the busy and vibrant spaces in NYC.

Freehand New York

Touring New York

Located in the Flatiron district, this large and spacious hotel features 395 suites. It is pretty affordable, with its lowest accommodation rate for an artist room featuring a twin-sized bed for $189 per night. The room featuring a queen bed goes for $255 per night. Though reasonably priced, you can score further deals by signing up for the “Three’s Company” plan with quad bunk beds. This plan will help you squeeze your cash for even longer or allow you and your family to explore more spaces in NYC. But catching sight of the famous Flatiron building featured in show-stopping movies like “Spiderman” will excite your kids the most. One word, epic!

MADE Hotel

If you’re not too fixated on the budget, this gem located in the NoMad neighbourhood will be right up your alley. This hotel features high-end rooms with a modern touch. Families touring New York favour it for its serene community and vibrant outdoor space. It is also conveniently located, providing you and your family with convenient subway routes to tourist attraction sites. Its rooftop bar is also an ideal setup when you need to wind down and relax after a busy day touring the city. You can also find the National Mathematics Museum in the NoMad district, which can be fun for your family and kids.

Midtown West

Times Square is one of the most famous locations in NYC, and the Midtown West location takes advantage of this. If it’s your first time visiting NYC with family, this hotel makes for an ideal choice. Renovated in 2014, the hotel now features modern architecture and style, enhancing your New York tour experience. Although it may appear that the hotel is relatively expensive, you can walk to most areas of the city from this location, making it a cost-effective option.

Heritage Hotel New York City

This hotel is located three minutes from Madison Square Park and is within the Flatiron district. It boasts affordable rates making it ideal for families working with a strict budget. The Heritage Hotel also has very affordable room plans with a wide array for you to pick from, starting from double to fully-fledged family suites. It’s very close to the Empire State Building and grants you access to the subway. Though the rooms are tinier than the hotels listed above, the reviews on the hotel are pretty decent.

CitizenM New York

Touring New York

If your family is tech-savvy and prefers less social contact, this digitalized hotel can be so much fun for them. Located only a minute away from Times Square and close to Central Park and Columbus Park, CitizenM New York provides you with a beautiful view of the city. Operations are seamless with their contactless app, while the Mood pad helps you customize your room settings to ensure the ultimate comfort. Yet, the hotel still provides a 24/7 help desk should any customers require urgent help. Your family is bound to enjoy their stay in this hotel.

Henry Norman Hotel

This hotel is designed to meet the needs of every family. From penthouses to loft-style bedrooms, there’s room for everyone. The hotel features a blend of timeless architecture and modern interior design and style. Henry Norman’s outdoor space is also very kid-friendly. You can find this hotel in the Brooklyn borough.

Embark on a Family Adventure in New York

When you decide to catch up on quality time with your family, there’s no better location than “the city that never sleeps.” The hotels in this travel guide will give you and your family the comfort needed to enjoy their stay in a new city. One thing to remember, though, this city is a maze, and people are always in a hurry. Make sure you and your family are aware of your surroundings: don’t all of you come to a stop in the middle of a crowded sidewalk because it’ll convenience everyone, and NYC residents aren’t known for holding back their emotions.

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