Exploring Barcelona

Are you looking forward to exploring Barcelona and everything that it has to offer? The last thing that you need to worry about is trying to figure out a transportation answer while you’re there. The good news is that there are great resources that you can use online to pre-plan your trip to Barcelona so that you can easily travel around and check in all the sites.

Why stress out on your amazing trip when you don’t have to? Below are some simple tips on what to see while in Barcelona as well as how to make booking a car hire in Barcelona a breeze as well. 

What to see in Barcelona

Exploring Barcelona

First and foremost, bring your eating pants! You’re going to want to indulge in all the chocolate, sweets, and divine treats just about everywhere that you look. There are so many fun eateries and quaint shops that are full of homemade goodness. Taking a food tour is NEVER a bad idea! 

Secondly, make sure to visit La Sagrada Familia. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions that draws 4.5 million to it every year, and once you visit it, you’ll know why. No spoilers will be given here, so do your research and make a plan to add it to your travel bucket list. 

If you’re travelling to Barcelona during the warmer months of the year, a stroll along Bogatell Beach is a must as well! It’s a beautiful area and the perfect way to connect with nature.

The easiest way to travel around Barcelona

exploring Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona is such a wonderful and amazing trip, but you need to be prepared. With millions travelling and visiting yearly, there does need to be a little bit of planning ahead of time to ensure that you’ve booked and are ready to go.

Car hire is super important because this gives you the flexibility to drive around and come and go as you want. You can easily book a reservation once you arrive at various locations throughout the area, but you also run the risk of rentals running short, too. 

If you can secure one before arriving, that is going to be your best bet to be able to relax and concentrate on your upcoming travels fully. 

Car hire at Barcelona Airport

exploring Barcelona

Once you’ve flown into Barcelona, another great option is to utilize the Car hire in Barcelona Airport. This makes it super convenient to literally get off the plane and head right to the car area to pick up your ride.

This also means that you don’t have to stress out about finding other means of transportation to your lodging, and you can just pick up your car for the week and hit the road.

The positives to planning ahead and having a car waiting are that it’s done and ready. Some people find that travelling can be tiresome and stressful, so using this as an experience to not have to have those stresses is key.

Being able to have a car ready for you at all times during your travels is really handy and convenient, too. This gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and really get to see some unique places up close. 

Just make sure that however you decide to explore Barcelona, you factor in your time and travel time. Public transportation can be an option, but you’re stuck on the timeline of others, and it can often be overcrowded.

The beauty of having your own space in your own car is that you can then not have to answer to anyone but yourself and those who might be travelling with you to your party. 

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