Easy tips on how to be a better cook

Easy tips on how to be a better cook: Tips from a professional chef

You might be the person who loves great food and loves eating the delicacies your friends make, but you don’t consider yourself a good cook. You would like to be that person, like your friends, who can make a tasty dinner in no time, but you think that you simply don’t have the culinary talent. Well, we have some good news, as the truth is that talent is not crucial in becoming a master in the kitchen, but you actually need to invest a bit of effort and patience. This, combined with some helpful tips from the professional, will make you a superb cook.

Easy tips on how to be a better cook
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Keep on reading to find out what are some of the secrets of professional chefs that can help you improve your cooking skills.

Start with easy recipes


They often say that the best way to start something is – from the beginning. So, your first take in the kitchen should be simple meals, such as roasted chicken or garlic bread, for example. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if a recipe is simple, the meal won’t be as delicious. This is absolutely not true, as we all know how splendid a piece of garlic bread can taste. So, start with preparing some meals that don’t require as much effort and follow the instructions closely. Once you have perfected the beginning level, you can move your way up and decide to try making something a bit more complex, and so on. Remember that perfection takes practice. Moreover, if you decide to start your cooking journey with a dish that is quite difficult to make, you may not get it right the first time. This may lead you to feel disappointed in your cooking skills and lose your motivation, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

Make sure you have all the ingredients prepared

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There is nothing worse than when you are in the middle of making a meal and realizing that you are missing something. Thus, to avoid this, after studying your recipe of choice, start preparing. Make a list and go grocery shopping. In case you find it too time-consuming to go to the store before making every single meal, you can decide to stock up on some necessities. Shop for ingredients such as flour, sugar, olive oil, etc., as they are always good to have in your pantry. Moreover, you can use the advancements of the modern era and even buy bulk meat online and some veggies, in case you are planning to make a few meat dishes this week or if you are making dinner for a large number of people. Tips such as buying bulk meat and also, buying ingredients online, will save you a lot of time, as you can freeze them and use them whenever you decide to cook a fresh meal. Another great tip from the professionals is to measure out all the necessary ingredients, cut up meat or veggies, and put them on your kitchen counter. This way, you won’t lose time on this while cooking and you can focus better on the process.

Don’t be afraid of spices

Easy tips on how to be a better cook: Tips from a professional chef 2

Many beginners avoid using spices when they are cooking, but this is a big mistake. An ordinary meal can be turned into an extraordinary one if the right spices are used. The key secret is simple – be modest when it comes to the number of herbs used. The same applies to salt and experts even advise using sea salt instead of ordinary salt as it has more flavour to it. What is more, many dishes will be quite bland if you don’t use a pinch or two of salt before you start processing the food. Also, some foods will taste better with some seasoning. So, for example, lentil stew will be more delicious with some curry powder while roasted chicken and potatoes will taste amazing if you add a bit of rosemary. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget that acidity can enhance the flavour. Some lemon or lime juice, or even vinegar, will be your best friend when seasoning beef, fish, and almost all vegetables. It even goes great with some fruit desserts, like fruit salads. 

To conclude, we can say that cooking is a process that requires a lot of passion, love, and patience. If you have the will and are open to learning and listening to advise from professional chefs, you are guaranteed to master this skill.

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