Does Naming Your Child Something Trendy Do Them a Disservice?

As a mom, you’ll find there’s plenty on your plate. When you’re expecting, you’ll need a crib, onesies, baby formula, prenatal care, a carriage, and more. Friends, neighbours, and family members might give you advice. You might not even solicit it, but they’ll give it anyway.

You must also name your child. Perhaps you picked out a name early on, but maybe you didn’t. Now, you’re getting close, and you’ll meet your baby face-to-face soon. You must decide quickly.

If you don’t know your baby’s name yet, you might pick something trendy. You can search for popular and trending names via a popular name site. Several such sites exist, or you might pick a name when you think about a singer, actor, athlete, or some other famous figure you admire.

Should you name your child something trendy, though? Let’s discuss the concept now.

Some Names Don’t Age Well

Naming Your Child

A few years back, Game of Thrones got huge ratings for the HBO network. Millions tuned in and watched the last season. When they did, they learned a character’s fate. They learned about Daenerys Targaryen, The Mother of Dragons.

Many liked her for her strength. She spent several seasons conquering and slaying her foes. Her final story arc distressed many fans, though. She eventually died under tragic circumstances after killing countless innocent people.

Why does this matter? Many young mothers named their baby girls Daenerys before that final season. Some named their children Danny, her nickname. Others called their girls Khaleesi, an invented word meaning “wife of the Khal.”

After that final story arc, many mothers felt betrayed. They named their child something of-the-moment. This trendy name backfired, and now, they had baby girls named after a character who committed atrocities in the show’s final season.

It’s an extreme example but one that teaches a valuable lesson. Sometimes, a trending name isn’t the best choice.

Other Examples

Some mothers name their kids after sports stars. You might meet a child named Kyrie after Kyrie Irving, the mercurial basketball player who recently left Brooklyn for the Mavericks. Kyrie is an interesting, unusual name. Those who called their babies Kyrie may regret it these days, though.

Kyrie made statements condemning the Covid-19 vaccine and refused it for many months. The Nets would not let him play till New York lifted its restrictions. Irving also tweeted links to a movie that had antisemitic overtones. That got him bad press, and he eventually left Brooklyn due to all the backlash.

Some moms like the name, Kanye. These days, Kanye West, who now calls himself Ye, gets mentions on social media for his deplorable behaviour and not for this music.

Ye continues making statements about liking Hitler and the Nazis. Even the most controversial talking heads avoid saying those things. 

While Ye has previously mentioned his mental health problems, most people won’t excuse his behaviour. The mothers who named their sons Kanye now have this issue. The child might face bullying later in life because of his name.

Other Reasons Why Trending Names Might Not Work

Naming Your Child

Maybe you’ve thought a trending name might work for your new arrival, but you and your spouse or significant other can’t agree. If you want a name that immediately makes people think about a musician or influencer, your partner might think that’s not the best move.

If this person doesn’t seem controversial yet, they still might do something that earns them that reputation. If you name your child something more conventional that has existed for many decades or even centuries, that won’t bring a specific person into someone’s mind when they hear it. They’ll understand many have held that name over the years, and they won’t necessarily think about a single popular figure who hasn’t always made the best decisions.

More traditional names have longer histories, so you know they’ll hold up better. If you name your child something ultra-modern, you may think it sounds good, but they might not like it at age twenty. They may like it even less when they reach the age of fifty.

Remember that you can name your child after a relative who has passed away, or you might name them after a fictional character from a book or movie you particularly like. If that character has no negative traits, they’re probably fair game.

Your child must carry this name with them, so do not give them one you both might regret in the near future.

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