Divorce Isn’t Always the End of the Line!

There’s just something about the word ‘divorce’ that always seems to carry a stigma with it. However, the truth is that some divorces are inevitable with no shame or blame to be tossed about! Some couples grow apart in marriage yet are still best friends for all the world to see. Sometimes divorce isn’t the end of the line, but that doesn’t mean the proceedings will be any easier. When there is property or children involved, details can get a little hazy, but an amicable settlement can be agreed upon with just a bit of effort. Not every divorce ends with PTSD

Don’t Let Property Division Confuse You


If ever there was one thing that could put a snag in an otherwise amicable divorce, it would be when it comes to dividing property. There are only three details to consider when dividing property during a divorce. While each state has its laws, the division of property is relatively standard. Typically, if either spouse acquired the property/material goods before marriage, it goes with them at the divorce. If it was earned/acquired during the marriage, the state in which you live regulates the fair and equitable distribution. So then, those three details in property division are:

  • Property acquired before marriage
  • Property acquired during marriage
  • State laws

And really, that’s as basic as it gets. If the divorce is otherwise ‘friendly’, then property division shouldn’t be an issue.

Who Gets the Kids?

One of the reasons why so many couples can get through a relatively stress-free dissolution of the marriage is for the benefit of the children. Unfortunately, too many couples tried to make it work over the years until the kids were older and out of the house, but those attempts often failed miserably. In today’s world, more and more parents are opting for co-parenting, which doesn’t put undue pressure on one spouse or the other. The kids are happy to have both parents in their lives, and although not a fairytale ending, it can be the path of least resistance for all involved.

Is Money Really the Root of All Evil?

Again, each state has laws regarding alimony and child support, but if you are going through an amicable divorce, there probably isn’t a great deal of bickering over finances. This might be an issue if one parent gained physical and legal custody of the kids, but that co-parenting agreement established who pays what and when

Sometimes both partners realize that marriage isn’t working for them. They both willingly agree to get divorced based on conditions they’ve agreed to. Whether there are other people involved or not, it is possible to maintain a strong friendship even if the bonds of marriage have failed. In a perfect world, this would be the groundwork for every divorce. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world. There may be a few kinks to iron out, but that will also come with time. 

Divorce Isn’t Always the End of the Line! 1

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