Different Types Of Drums And How To Find The Right One For Your Kid

Humans have many specific traits that we are still trying to explain. One of these traits is our need for music. You could say that birds also like music as they sing in different tones. The thing that separates our music and theirs is the fact that birds are born with the ability to sing their songs. We humans can sing, but our ancestors wanted to go beyond that. That is why our ancestors started to make primitive musical instruments going back thousands of years.

Different types of drums

The simplest of instruments, and the ones that they made first, were the ones that you hit to make a sound. It is a pretty simple and upfront concept if you do not make it harder when you put chemistry and physics behind that. Even though it is very simple, there are many variations of drums that you might not be aware of. The fact that they are so versatile and easy to understand makes them the perfect first instrument for your kid.

Why it is important to think about the drums for your kids

Many people when they opt for buying a drum set for their kids just buy a random set or the cheapest one. There are many kinds of drums and other percussion instruments out there and finding the right one is very important. It does not take a long time to go through all of them and to figure out what kind of sounds they make. Not only sound but how they are played. That is important so that your kid can have the right experience when starting out and not get the wrong picture of what this beautiful instrument can do.

The classic drum set

When people think of drums the first one that comes to their mind is usually the one with a kick drum, snare drum, and a floor tom. These three are the key parts but there are also other parts to add. Since it has many parts, that means you will need more coordination to play it. It is not a very good beginner’s choice unless your kid is very talented. You can find good starter sets for cheap which are also great because they are easily carried. Also, whenever you buy drums, remember that they make a lot of noise, and some neighbours may not like that.


Djembes are a very simple type of drum that is great for beginners. It is played with hands so it is an added bonus when compared to the classic drum set. Playing with drumsticks can be very exhausting and requires a lot of strength. Unless your kid is very dedicated and wants to also get stronger, then you should take that set. If not, the djembes are better because they are much simpler and will serve as a good starting experience. Especially because drums are all about the rhythm and the kid can focus better on it with djembes.

Different types of djembes

There are different types of drums derived from djembes. The first ones would be the ones that are not traditionally made. Traditionally they are made by using different animal skins with different widths. Some people might find that unpleasant, especially children, so it is better if you buy synthetic ones. There is little difference in the sound but you will barely notice it. There are also other smaller djembes variants that are better for children.



These ones go a step further by adding an additional drum and both are connected. The two drums are not the same size and thus they produce different sounds. They are also very good beginning instruments that add a bit of variety to the sound they produce. The same that was said with djembes goes for bongos, which are a great way to learn rhythm. Not only are they good as instruments but they are a great way to teach your kid about history. The history of nations that they come from and what kind of culture they represent.

These three would be the best basis for your child to get into playing instruments. If it is interesting why not make the best possible choice so they can get the right experience? It does not take long to do the research and you will find out something new and exciting. 

Besides that, it is your child and it should always be the main focus. It is totally understandable that you should not spoil it by buying everything they want. Buying the most expensive set is also not a good idea for many reasons. But as you can see, there are other better alternatives and solutions for this that can result in a very pleasant experience for your kid and yourself.

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