Custom Jewellery: The Process for diamond wedding rings and custom engagement rings

Some customers are discouraged from choosing custom jewellery because they are unsure of or unaware of the process. At LL Private Jewellers, we aim to be completely transparent regarding the entire process to show that commissioning a custom jewellery item does not have to be a stressful process. 

custom jewellery

Throughout the journey of creating your dream item of jewellery, one of our private jewellers will be on hand to support you from day one. They will guide you when needed while allowing you to maintain full control over the decisions. If you have never created a custom piece of jewellery before, we will ensure that you receive full guidance and information at each decision point in the process. 

Step One: Design

The first step in the process is to design the item of jewellery you want to commission, and this will begin with an initial meeting with one of our jewellery designers. During this meeting, you can discuss the details you would like to include in the design. You can also bring any images of similar items from which you are working. We also specialize in stacking rings, so if there is a ring you would like this to fit with, you can bring that item with you to get the best possible fit. 

You will also discuss your budget during this initial meeting so we can be sure to fit in with that or advise you of the closest we can get to that budget. We will provide advice (although the ultimate decision will always be yours) on every aspect of the piece of jewellery you are commissioning. If you are unsure of any parts of the jewellery design, we will guide you and make suggestions to help you to make your final decision. 

Step Two: Approve the Design

Once we have discussed your final design, we will have a 3D model created either via a computer design program or a wax carving. You will then be able to hold the jewellery item and see that it matches your idea of the design created. 

Step Three: Metal Casting

custom jewellery

Next, we will create the ring from the model. This will include creating a flask around the wax carving and then melting the wax away. This will leave us with the perfect shape and size inside the flask, which will then be used to create the ring. Our goldsmiths are fantastic with any metal finish you could ask for, and they will ensure that the metal looks precisely as it should for the cast type you have chosen. 

Step Four: Setting the Stone(s) 

We then have the setting and stones to finish the item, you will have chosen the setting and approved the stones for use in the jewellery, so now we will ensure they are set perfectly to finish the piece. 

Step Five: See Your Finished Item

Finally, it is time to see the finished item of custom jewellery, which is a very special moment after you have planned and visualized the piece all this time. 

Custom Jewellery: The Process for diamond wedding rings and custom engagement rings 1

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