Creative Storage Solutions for the Family

Creative storage solutions for the family are especially important for us. As a family of six, we have a lot of ‘stuff’. It’s not that we are a family of hoarders but collectively we have a lot of shoes, clothes, books, toys, linen and the like so The Holding Company has asked us, where do we put it all? Let me give you a few ideas:

Creative Storage SolutionCreative Storage Solution #1 – Toys

When you have a lot of children, you’re inevitably going to end up with a lot of toys too. We quickly found when we moved house that we needed a playroom, somewhere for the children to be able to store their toys without them taking over their bedroom or indeed spilling over into the family lounge. Not all adults escaped the mass of toys though, the playroom doubles up for my office so when the children are at school I need them to be able to tidy their toys away to give me space to work (and think). Wicker Baskets are a great idea if you are looking for storage options in a multi-function room. They are sturdy enough to hold the toys but still look ‘grown-up’ for your home too.

Creative Storage SolutionCreative Storage Solution #2 – Shoes

With six pairs of feet comes a whole load of shoes, so what kind of shoe storage do we use for them? Well, in our utility room we have a double cupboard that we weren’t using so we bought stackable shoe drawers which make it quick and easy to see whose shoes are in the drawers (it also keeps the odour inside). We have also popped a couple of these at the bottom of each family members wardrobe so we can switch shoes around or store out of season clothes.

Creative Storage Solution #3 – Linen Cupboard

When we moved into our new build home, the linen cupboard had ONE shelf above the water tank and that was it. We added a further shelf ourselves and then used rattan baskets like those in the top image to store smaller items on the lower shelf placing the baskets one in front of another so we could pull them out like drawers. The top shelf is then used to store guest pillows and duvet. This still left me with the problem of where to store my towels and bedding and a big gaping hole in front of the water tank. So now I have hanging shelves attached to the underside of the shelves. These are the perfect size to hang in front of the water tank and store all the towels and bedding.

Creative Storage SolutionCreative Storage Solution #4 – Underwear Drawers

This might sound like a daft one but honestly, the children’s underwear drawers used to drive me up the wall. Lots of unpaired socks jumbled up with vests and pants. Then I discovered drawer organisers and the problem was solved. A place for everything and so easy to find!!! In fact, I was so impressed by the drawer organisers that we now have them in the ‘man drawer’ (we all have one, you can’t deny it) and in the children’s desk drawers which has solved the ever disappearing pen tricks.

Creative Storage SolutionCreative Storage Solution #5 – Bathroom Essentials

You would think as a family of six that the children would learn to share wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong. Our children do not like sharing anything, toothpaste, shower gels, body lotions the lot. So we bought a tall set of bathroom shelves and gave each child their own wicker basket on their own shelf so that they each had their own supply of bathroom essentials. This has definitely reduced the arguments (in the bathroom at least).

What are the biggest storage issues in your home?


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