You might need CDN service for your WordPress website but know how to use it by judging its utility

Among many things that you can do to improve the SEO and speed of the website, implementing Content Distribution Networks or CDNs is one of the chosen WordPress websites.  Although you can do without CDN, the professionals of New York SEO consider it to be a must-have because of the several benefits that it offers to strengthen SEO. However, too much emphasis on on-page and off-page SEO blurs our vision about technical SEO, which is weakened can have a severe adverse impact on your SEO campaign. Hence, setting your eyes on technical SEO becomes essential. 

CDN service for your WordPress website

It will be wrong to assume that CDNs can fix all the issues about speed and other technical problems faced by WordPress websites but surely can take care of many of these. Overall, CDNs comprising of a series of web servers located across the globe enhance your website’s technology stack and make it speedier and SEO friendly while improving the overall performance of WordPress websites.

What you can expect by implementing CDN will become clear ongoing through this article.

Improved security

WordPress websites are vulnerable to various security issues; however, you can secure them with necessary modifications. First, make use of the superb security features of many CDNs, especially for WordPress websites.

  • CDNs offer advanced firewall rules that you can configure to protect your log-in page.
  • WordPress sites are vulnerable to xmlrpc.php attacks, which are pretty standard, and you can set up similar firewall rules on most CDNs to block traffic moving in that path.
  • Many modern CDNs can protect against DDOS attacks, although it rarely happens with a smaller website of those belonging to SMBs. But it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Free SSL certificates that come with most modern CDNs are like a bonus.

Better speed of WordPress websites

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 Although there are many ways of improving site speed, CDN also contributes to it. By using CDN, it is possible to cache and deliver content to viewers from a closer distance, and it helps improve the scores of the core web vitals of the website. In addition, modern CDNs take advantage of the file compression system Brotli, offered by Google to speed up websites.

Reduce downtime

When using CDN, you can have peace of mind because it can support websites running even when the primary server faces an outage. In addition, CDNs can provide the support as it continues to serve the latest cached version of the website pages to visitors until the server becomes functional. It is one of the most valuable supports because it helps sustain the good user experience without ever allowing the server problems to affect it.

Since many hosting service providers are now offering CDNs, check if they are already included in the services you are availing of. If it is already in place, check the details of the CDN, especially its security features, and compare capabilities to decide whether you would continue with it or look for a change. Also, check the number of edge servers deployed by the CDN to determine its distance from your target audience.

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