CBD: A few simple ways to consume it

CBD is one product that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and with good reason. CBD is one of the main active ingredients in the cannabis plant and unlike THC, this substance has no psychoactive effects but is famed for the many health benefits that it has to offer consumers. CBD is available in all regions that have legalized this substance for medical use and if you want to access it, you will typically need to first consult your doctor for dosage recommendations and in some cases, a subscription. You then will be able to access CBD at your local dispensary.

CBD: A few simple ways to consume it

In some countries though, CBD is sold in stores and can be bought without any medical permit. This substance rose to popularity because it has so many health benefits so if you would like to know how to easily consume this substance, keep reading.


Dabbing is a consumption method popular among more experienced consumers, and it can be purchased at Daily High Club on this link. This device resembles a bong with slight differences such as a tool called a nail which is used during the consumption process. This device does not use dry herbs, instead, it uses wax or other concentrates which gives consumers extremely intense and potent effects. Simply fill the device with a small amount of water, put a small bit of wax in the bowl, light the nail with a flame until hot and then place the nail onto the wax until vapour is formed. You then inhale the vapour and feel the effects within a few minutes. Doses can be regulated and because the effects are so potent and intense, you won’t need to consume much per session with this very effective device.


A popular method of consuming CBD is by vaping it. This is a handheld and typically a battery-powered device that vaporizes dry cannabis herbs through a controlled heating method. To use this inhalation device, simply fill the chamber of the device with a small number of crushed herbs, turn the device on, select your desired temperature and then begin inhaling and exhaling. You can choose which heating temperature you prefer and each temperature manifests different effects. For example, high temperatures give more bodily effects while lower temperatures give more flavour. One reason why people prefer vaping is that it is much more potent and intense than other inhalation methods of consumption and the effects can be felt within minutes. You can regulate your dose and overall, this is an effective method of consumption.


Oral CBD

Another way to consume CBD is oral. This is most commonly done with edibles which are food and drink products containing CBD. When you consume edibles, it gets broken down in your digestive system and liver and then enters into your system. There is such a wide range of edibles that exist including cakes, cookies, candies, and even alcoholic beverages. The way that these products are processed makes the effects some of the most intense and potent you will ever experience and it is typically stronger than most other consumption methods and CBD products. The onset is around 45 minutes and it is very easy to regulate your dose. Again, another effective method.


Topicals are lotions, creams, gels, and sprays that contain CBD and are applied directly onto the skin’s surface, mainly used to treat inflammation and pain. These products are good at targeted pain relief with a moderate and effective concentration that relaxes the muscles and joints. You can expect the effects to kick in after an hour or two and this is one of the easiest products to use for regulated doses. Many athletes swear by topicals to treat muscle pains and joint stiffness obtained during practice and competition.


Tinctures are a sublingual method of consumption that requires you to place a few drops of cannabis tinctures underneath your tongue for a few minutes before swallowing. This product produces strong and potent effects and is popular in the medical marijuana community. The onset is around 15- 30 minutes and can be easily regulated, with strict dosage instruction. This is one of the safest, healthiest, and most effective methods of consumption.

CBD: A few simple ways to consume it 1

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