Buy Persian Carpets A Standard For Living And Do Your Feet Proud!

Carpet is an important part of Persian culture and Iranian art as well and they are widely used across the world. The Persian carpet is the unique handicraft which enhances the look of anywhere it is placed. It comes in many styles and patterns that can easily impress the guests. It is very important to buy the right carpet if you want to stay with you for a long period. Here are some tips to find the right carpet for you.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Persian Carpet

Persian Carpet

Choose A Right Material

Typically, Persian carpets are made of silk, wool or wool silk. It has a shiny finish because of the 100% pure silk rug but wool is the most common material for making carpet because of its durability and insulation properties. The quality of the wool also depends on the climate, pasturage, breed of sheep, and time of shearing. It is also made of the synthetic fibres which are often referred to as machine-made carpets.

The Knot Count

The traditional Persian carpets are considered to be handwoven on a loom which is the most essential feature to look for. Probably, the quality of the carpet depends on the knot count. If carpets have at least 120 knots per square inch, it is counted as high-quality carpet. The handmade one will have a soft backing along with a bigger knot. On the other hand, the machine-made carpet will have knot uniformity.

Buy It Based On Your Budget

Persian Carpet

The cost of Persian carpets can vary depending upon the patterns. So, set a budget for yourself and then buy the right one as per your budget. Generally, silk is an expensive end of the spectrum as it is hard to get this material which makes silk a rare and expensive thing. It has a higher knot count so it will also be a higher price compared to other types of materials. The wool carpets are supposed to be more cost-effective as easily available ones.

Pick An Attractive Color

Some Persian carpets are made with natural dyes, so it comes in various colours that are naturally taken from the indigo plant for blues, cochineal insects for reds, and pomegranate rind for yellow shades. These carpets are eco-friendly and beautiful. On the other hand, the synthetic carpets penetrate the fibre, while natural dyes would cover the surface. You can bend the carpet to isolate some threads and if you see unevenness in the carpet, you are dealing with natural colours.

Evaluate the Uses

After these considerations, you should know about the uses and where you want to place your carpet. The traditional Persian carpet may be considered as the ultimate luxury item.

Silk rugs are less resistant to stress and it can be used for decorative purposes like to hang on the wall, whereas wool will be more practical as well as incredibly durable. It has the ability to handle a high volume of foot traffic for decades without facing the signs of distress. So, place the carpet according to the nature of the carpet and area.

The carpets come in various patterns including floral, geometric, paisley, tribal and traditional. You can choose either style based on your taste and interiors of the house. Above mentioned tips will help you to choose the best Persian carpets that satisfy your every need. Buy the right one that is durable, beautiful and cost-effective at the same time.

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