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Save BIG on a range of irons and vacuums cleaners from Hoover

I recently shared with you my love for the Ironspeed Steam Generator Iron so when I spotted these Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers I decided to share them with you so that you can save big on a range of irons and vacuums cleaners from Hoover The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are becoming increasingly popular each year in the lead up to the Festive season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, American export sales events, are well known for reductions in price on electrical items with deals from Hoover this year including vacuum cleaners and iron ranges at incredibly low prices.

For a selection of Hoover’s 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals please refer to the below.

Hoover IronSpeed Steam Generator Iron (SRD4107)

Was: £179.99  Black Friday Price: £99.99

IronSpeed is an extremely easy to use and powerful pressurised steam generator iron that effectively tackles those heaps of ironing with speed producing up to 2100w of power and 110g/min steam. IronSpeed has advanced multi-stream technology to provide three types of powerful steam. You can simply change the steam’s power, direction and humidity to suit the type of fabric you’re ironing.

Hoover Whirlwind Bagless Upright (WR71WR01) & Cylinder (SE71WR01)

Was: £119.99 Black Friday Price: £49.99

Whirlwind is a versatile vacuum cleaner, suitable for cleaning both carpets and hard floors With efficient money saving motors and good dust pickup, Whirlwind achieves an A rating for energy. The Black Friday sale price is available on both the upright (WR71WR01) and Cylinder (SE71WR01).

Hoover Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Robo.com³)

Was: £499.99 Black Friday Price: £349.99

Hoover’s Wi-Fi enabled, the programmable robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled using your smartphone. It has nine cleaning programmes to suit different floors plus rotating side brushes for hard to reach areas. Battery life can last up to 120 minutes.

Hoover Black FridayHoover Turbo Power Pets Bagless Upright (TP71TP04) & Cylinder (RE71TP25)

Was: £239.99 (Upright) | £249.99 (Cylinder) Black Friday Price: £99.99

The Turbo Power pets range has a multi-cyclonic system meaning that there is no loss of suction, so that performance is maintained at a consistent rate. There is a long stretch hose and power cord enabling you to clean all over the home and tackle a full staircase with ease.

Hoover Black FridayHoover CleanJet Carpet Washer (CJ930T)

Was: £299.99 Black Friday Price: £99.99

The CleanJet carpet washer has a 4-in-1 tool that deep cleans stairs, upholstery and even sucks up spills. This model also has a rotating brush bar that agitates and loosens dirt from carpets, and a foldable handle for compact storage.

Hoover Black FridayHoover Continuum 2in1 Cordless Stick & Handheld (CO180B2)

Was: £149.99 Black Friday Price: £69.99

The Hoover Continuum is a powerful cordless vacuum with a detachable handheld. It has 30 minutes of run-time for the biggest and smallest of cleaning jobs. It includes a crevice tool for long reach and above-floor cleaning.

Hoover Black FridayHoover Jovis Corded Handheld (SJ4000DB4)

Was: £59.99 Black Friday Price: £39.99

This powerful 550w cyclonic handheld is designed for intensive on the spot cleaning of stubborn areas. This handheld can give a power boost of suction and remove the most stubborn mess and pet hair. All in all, an extremely powerful handheld gives you a number of cleaning options.

Hoover Black FridayHoover SteamJet Dual Steam Mop (SSNA1700)

Was: £89.99 (Dual) Black Friday Price: £59.99

The Hoover SteamJet is a hygienic way to clean your floors, killing 99.9% of germs without using chemicals. The Dual head offers multiple cleaning options for hard floors and comes with an integrated scrubbing brush that simply detaches from the rectangular base and is ready to use. The brush works as a great tool for effective power steaming and will work on the toughest and stickiest of stains. A carpet glider is also provided to help with refreshing carpets.

Hoover Black FridayHoover SteamJet Multifunctional 2in1 Steam Mop & Handheld (S2IN1300R)

Was: £99.99 Black Friday Price: £39.99

The Hoover SteamJet 2 in 1 is a light and extremely compact steam upright with an integrated handheld. It makes lifting grime effortless and can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria naturally. With a rectangular nozzle, washable mops and 6 attachments including a window squeegee and jet nozzle for multiple uses, you’ll be able to tackle any steam cleaning chore.

Hoover Black FridayHoover Enigma Pets Bagged Upright (PU71EN01) & Cylinder (TE70EN21)

Was: £199.99 Black Friday Price: £79.99

Enigma bagged vacuum cleaners boast excellent ratings. The upright scores the highest possible quadruple A rating for energy, emissions, dust pickup on carpet & hard floors and emissions, whilst the cylinder delivers a triple-A rating for energy, emissions, dust pickup on hard floors. Enigma vacuums also include a powerful pets turbo brush for lifting stubborn hairs.

Hoover Black FridayHoover Steam Express Steam Handheld (SSNH1000)

Was: £59.99 Black Friday Price: £29.99

With an ultra-light design and weighing 1.6kg, the Steam Express Handy is a powerful little steam handheld that uses high-pressure steam with no detergents to swiftly remove grime in even the most awkward of places. Compact, this steam handheld has a good size water tank and is available with a useful range of tools. The Steam Express Handy easily tackles stubborn spots around the home from oven grills, tile grout to bathroom taps and showerheads with complete ease.

Hoover Flexi Power Cordless Stick (SU204B2)

Was: £199.99 Black Friday Price: £79.99

Flexi Power delivers powerful 20.4v cordless cyclonic performance, with a runtime of up to 30 minutes. Slim and lightweight, the low profile foot enables you to glide under and around furniture with precision. Features include an on/off brush bar, tools for above-floor cleaning and a foldable handle for compact storage.

Hoover Curve Bagless Cylinder (CU81CU15)

Was: £179.99 Black Friday Price: £59.99

The curve is a stylish, light and ultra-compact vacuum. Using advanced multi-cyclonic technology Curve’s one-touch easy empty bin keeps hands away from dust. Curve uses money saving efficient motors for a top-class A energy rating.

Hoover Blaze Bagless Upright (TH71BL01)

Was: £159.99 Black Friday Price: £59.99

Blaze is a bagless upright vacuum that offers great performance. Features include a 4.5m hose for full stair cleaning in one go, a hygienic one-touch bin empty and a 3L bin capacity. With a top-class ‘A’ energy rating and ‘A’ performance on carpets, Blaze combines money saving efficient motors with great dust pickup.

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