Basics for Hosting an Elegant Outdoor Dinner Party

Thanks to the ongoing uptick in spring temperatures, we can finally start planning to host elegant dinner parties outdoors again. Just the act of dining al fresco can elevate a meal when well thought out. Whether your setting is surrounded by lush country greenery or benefits from the breathtaking views available from a city rooftop, guests are in for a more whimsical night than if you had chosen to entertain inside. The evening sky is the best backdrop you could ask for – so dramatic at sunset, then subdued as the stars begin to turn on. Make the most of your event by being sure you understand and have addressed the basic needs of outdoor entertaining. With essential elements in place, such as showcasing the colourful seasonal abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables – and more below – your guests will feel welcome in their alternate environment and surely have a memorable evening that they would like to recreate sooner rather than later.

Outdoor Dinner Party

White dinnerware visually cleanses the palette and highlights the vibrant foods available to us in the warmer weather. However, a dinner party is not a picnic, not an occasion for paper plates. As you, no doubt want to keep your event classy, don’t give gusts of wind the opportunity to upset your tablescape. You need substantial pieces that won’t blow away in the wind. You’ll be proud to have the stunning MATCH Pewter Convivio collection or the Arte Italica Merletto or Firenze collections of dinnerware available at Weston Table. Perfect for almost any occasion, they provide an elevated yet sturdy base upon which to build your outdoor meal. Each collection has its own artisanal touches that add charm and character to its pieces while classic enough to be considered a modern heirloom. Punch up the visual interest of your table with unexpected coloured glassware or the bright patterns and solids of flatware from Sabre Paris. These foundational pieces will serve you for this outdoor event and many more meals to come.

Outdoor Dinner Party

Want to make your table’s foundation solid but need a softer price point on which to land? Want your bright white dinnerware solution sustainable while being budget-friendly? Sophisticated and elegant without the fear of chipping or breaking, Melamine pieces from Relish tick all these boxes, as well as being dishwasher safe. Cast from artisanal pottery moulds, their shapes are beautifully textured and appear to be handmade creations. Heavyweight and durable, they have the heft to be an anchor for your outdoor tablescape, along with having the visual and textural interest that usually only comes from actual earthenware. Feel confident that these plates, bowls, and serving pieces are functional while being oops-proof when it comes to an accidental drop onto hard outdoor surfaces. This could very easily become your everyday go-to dinnerware and still have a place at your special event table.

Outdoor Dinner Party

Now that the table is set, it’s time to set the mood. Choose a soundtrack to your evening carefully, as it will impact everything from cocktail hour chattiness to the more hushed conversations had while seated during the meal. Pro tip: the music volume should be turned down as the evening transitions from cocktails to dinner in order to properly affect the volume of your guests themselves and their respective activities. Let Spotify or your favourite streaming service curate a playlist of your liking based on a seed song – for a Latin vibe, start with Gypsy Kings or Pink Martini; want a classic rock backbeat, then have Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” as the jumping off point. Pick up one or two Move speakers from Sonos to broadcast your tunes for the event with amazing convenience as well as quality, bold sound. Weather resistant and rechargeable, the Move speakers are easily controlled with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay, or simply with your voice. And they literally play well with all other existing Sonos smart speakers to create a wireless stereo system throughout your home over Wi-Fi. Let the music do the heavy lifting of creating the ambience for your evening, giving you more time to enjoy your guests and see to every elegant detail.

Outdoor Dinner Party

Now you have crafted the jumping-off point for your elegant outdoor dinner party. Add your menu of tempting treats along with your well-stocked bar cart to this mix, and your event will be a memorable one for all attendees. MATCH Pewter or Arte Italica bright white dinnerware from Weston Table elevates the focal point of the evening – the table – and gives a classy twist on what could be rather mundane dishes. Relish offers a budget-friendly option for hearty white dinnerware that not only won’t blow away but gives your table so much tactile and visual interest with its imperfect, creative shapes. The music coming from your Move speakers from Sonos will drive the energy of your event, creating an ambience that permeates and influences the various activities of your guests. When an evening moves forward smoothly with a natural fluidity, it only adds to the elegance of the party. Take the time to plan these basics ahead of time, and you and your guests are on the right path to enjoying your classy outdoor dinner and creating memories for years to come.

Basics for Hosting an Elegant Outdoor Dinner Party 1

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