Assets That Retain Value & Appreciate

Money leads to wealth, and while many would say it can’t buy you happiness, at least you can be miserable in comfort if you have wealth. Like it or not, we can’t live without money, and no one knows what the future might hold. With that in mind, here are a few assets that hold their value and are wise long-term investments.

Real Estate

Assets That Retain Value

There is a finite amount of land on the planet, and as the global population grows, so does the demand for land. Buy property, and one thing is for sure, you won’t lose out on the deal. Even if the house sits empty, its value increases. Many billionaires started out flipping homes, and a holiday home makes sense once you have paid off the mortgage.


When you look at the gold price in Brisbane today, or even in any other part of the world, it isn’t surprising that gold retains its value, especially during economic downturns, such as the one we are experiencing at present. If you don’t have a few bars of gold bullion in your portfolio, perhaps now is the time to sell those shares and invest in bullion. Global markets are jittery, and that causes many investors to move their wealth into the stability of gold, which drives up the price. Now is the perfect time to liquidate those shares and move into gold while the price is low. Experts predict the $2,000 per oz mark will be smashed by the end of 2023.

Premium Jewellery

Assets That Retain Value & Appreciate 2

Fine jewellery always holds its value, and experts make a living buying and selling selected pieces. The very wealthy think nothing of dropping a couple of million for a huge diamond; such pieces are typically auctioned, and the rarer the piece, the more it is worth. This is not an arena to enter if you have zero knowledge, as you could lose a lot with the wrong acquisitions.

Fine Antiques

Whether you are a lover of top craftsmanship or you like to be surrounded by elegance, fine antiques are a sound investment. Collectors eagerly search for selected items, and if antiques are well cared for, they will appreciate in value. Antique jewellery can be very expensive, and many investors have a collection of fine antiques, which they proudly display at their country homes.


The latest Bugatti isn’t easy to buy. You can’t simply walk into a Bugatti showroom and pick up your car; rather, you have to go on a waiting list, and it might be two years until your car is delivered. Rare supercars not only hold their value, but you can also expect to make a profit if you invest in a 1980s Ferrari Testarossa that is in great condition. Of course, keeping a supercar is never going to be cheap, and unless you are a fanatic, it’s better not to move into the supercar field for investments. Once you are in the millionaire club, then you can think about a prestige car.

Fine Art

Assets That Retain Value

A Picasso would make for a sound investment, of course, while there are many artists whose work is highly sought-after. One must have knowledge of art if one is going to invest, and for the wealthy, collecting art is a hobby as well as an investment strategy.

As you can see, there are quite a few sound investments that you can make to secure your wealth. It is never a good idea to keep all your eggs in one basket; diversify and with clever investments, your wealth will grow, giving you a secure retirement.

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