Are you saving for your children?

From the moment that you see that little flicker of a heartbeat on the Sonographer’s screen you can’t help but imagining the future of your unborn child; their hair colour, their eyes, their personality, first steps, first day at school, LAST day at school . . . the list goes on. As parents we all hope for a bright and promising future for our children and we will do anything we can to make sure that they get the very best of everything. For that to happen we needed to start saving . . .

saving for their future

As each of the Beans were born we set them up a regular saving account which we and my Mum pay into each month so that by the time they reach adulthood they will have a pot of money behind them to help them on their way. Even just making a small saving each month adds up over a period of time but the important thing is making sure that the investment is made in the right place to get the best return for your savings.

When making the decision to set up a savings plan for each of them we researched all the options available to us, we gathered information from the internet, from leaflets in Banks and Building Societies and we asked around for recommendations. We knew we were looking for a savings plan which they couldn’t have access to until they were (hopefully) sensible enough to put the money to good use. We looked at all of the main savings companies and then made an informed decision.

What recommendations do you have for setting up a saving plan? Do you save for your children or is it something that you are thinking about but not sure where to start looking? Babies and children are expensive but they are worth it, they will melt your heart (and most likely break your heart from time to time) but life is DEFINITELY far more exciting and worthwhile with them in our lives than the alternative!

Now, don’t be shy and leave your thoughts. I promise I won’t bite.

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