An Easy Guide To Planning Your Next Trip to Atlanta

If you are thinking about taking a trip down to Georgia, the state known for its peaches and glorious sunshine, then here is a list of places to stay, things to do, and foods to eat while you are there. This brief guide to the city of Atlanta is a great starting point for planning your travels. Read on to get inspired.

When To Go

Trip to Atlanta

When you are planning your trip to Atlanta, you will have to consider the best time of year to go and how the weather will impact your plans. It is no secret that Atlanta gets extremely hot in summer, so if you prefer a milder heat, your best bet is to go to Atlanta between March and May. This warm spring season is generally recommended as the best time to visit the city. You can enjoy outdoor music events and walk the streets comfortably now.

If you are happy to do more indoor activities or are just very comfortable with extreme temperatures, you will also find plenty of fun activities and things to see and do in the summer months.

Where To Stay

First and foremost, the downtown area of Atlanta is a must-visit for any traveller. Even if you decide against staying in downtown Atlanta, you will spend much of your time in this central location. This is where many of the best attractions, restaurants, bars, and cultural focal points are located. You will also find civil rights museums and other historic points of interest. If you wish to stay in downtown Atlanta, there are countless hotels and accommodations to choose from – you will be spoiled for choice.

Another famous neighbourhood in Atlanta is called Old Fourth Ward, which is known for its contemporary food scene. As well as lots of fun food trucks, cafes, and young restaurants, you will also find Irwin Street Market, where they sell international cuisine and homemade tasty treats. Next to this market is a flea market, where you can browse goods that are not edible.

Other areas that are super interesting and great to stay in are Inman Park, which offers a local and authentic experience of Atlanta and beautiful green spaces; midtown, which offers similar perks to downtown but is quieter; and Grant Park, where you will find mansions owned by the most affluent members of the Atlanta population.

What To Do

While in Atlanta, you will have a list of exciting things to see and do. One of the most popular tourist spots in the Georgia Aquarium, so if you are into sea life, then the aquarium is a must for you. Another top tip is to check out SkyView Atlanta, the big wheel you can ride to see the skyline and sights far and wide. And if you have time and it is the right season, you can also see a baseball game and cheer on the Atlanta Braves.

Finally, we suggest you visit Stone Mountain Park to visit Georgia’s most frequented tourist attraction. This beautiful park has a cable car that takes you up the mountain and is home to the largest high-relief sculpture in the world, which depicts hand-chiselled figures of the Civil War. Make sure to research Atlanta events and book tickets in advance because they often sell out quickly. And don’t forget to take the time to stroll around Downtown Atlanta and explore the city’s many attractions. With so much to see and do, you are sure to have a memorable vacation!

What To Eat

Peach cobbler

This is the really fun part. You are in for a treat with the Atlanta cuisine! The city is known for its excellent barbecue, burgers, and fried chicken. These hearty dishes will be made with love and delivered with pride, and you absolutely will not be disappointed. As well as these, you can order an American classic: a hot dog. In Atlanta, a “naked dog” refers to a plain hot dog, while a “naked dog walkin'” refers to a plain hot dog to go.

You can also try Atlanta’s iconic pimento cheese, traditional soul food, a classic plate of chicken and waffles, and a truly Georgian peach cobbler for dessert. The range of delicious local treats is vast and enthralling. Finally, if you are looking for a more international culinary experience, you are also in luck. Atlanta has a large Korean population and boasts excellent Korean food. You had better turn up to Atlanta hungry because there is a lot of great food to try!

Enjoy Your Trip!

This has been a brief guide to planning a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. The first consideration you will need to make is when to go. If you want to avoid the piping-hot summer season, booking your springtime trip is best. Next, you will want to look into the different areas of the city and choose where to stay. First-time visitors also stay in the downtown area, where they will likely spend most of their days. Once you are in Atlanta, there is an endless list of things to see and foods to eat, so do your research now and plan to squeeze everything in. Don’t forget to sample an iconic Georgia peach cobbler while you are there!

An Easy Guide To Planning Your Next Trip to Atlanta 1

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