Adam Veron on Ways to Upgrade an Annual Report into a Masterpiece

For any brand, an annual report is a vital piece of content. This is because it not only satisfies a legal need but is also a bold statement regarding who one is, what they do, and how they succeed. The stronger their annual report, the higher their chance to increase their visibility and connect with communities that support them. Over the years, annual reports have evolved from dull, dry prints to a work of art. From creative visuals to clever packaging, professionals can bring one’s work to life using different design tools in brilliant ways.

6 Creative Ways to Upgrade an Annual Report into a Masterpiece, as per Adam Veron

Adam Veron on Ways to Upgrade an Annual Report into a Masterpiece
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Below are six creative ways through which professionals can help a brand to upgrade their annual report into a masterpiece,

Group Project

Oftentimes, a brand may be at a fix as to which creative direction they wish to go with their annual report. Here taking the help of a group project or group of agencies will work wonders. Each agency will contribute to every portion. Utilising standard illustration, fabric, paint, sculpture, thread, photography, food, and others, ultimately, the report will turn for all into a visual feast.

Interactive Animation

An interactive annual report will be an excellent means to narrate a story and will allow a brand to communicate more information in a widely unique package, says Adam Veron.  However, a good interactive animation will present the info to click through and add something extra. For instance, an animated train that moves toward one as they scroll will be a great idea.


An annual report can come in an array of packages- print, digital, and video. Of these, digital is the most common as holding a digital report is something truly irresistible. Rather than a usual bound box, one can design cards in a gift box. It will definitely grab people’s eyeballs and thus entice them to see the whole content.


Video will be an excellent means to expand a brand’s reach and share their annual report’s highlights. One can create a Claymation video throwing light on its significance and knowing more direct people towards the report.


Irrespective of the industry, one’s annual report can turn into a masterpiece with a little creativity. For instance, an annual report can be converted into a sketchbook. The help of excellent sketches and watercolour illustrations will help communicate vital information in a pleasing package. It is an ideal example regarding how simple visual treatments will transform a report.


For those that wish to upgrade their annual report easily, the illustration will be the answer. Whether one is a food company or a financial institution, a visual addition will instantly elevate their annual report design.

Apart from these, other ways of upgrading an annual report into a masterpiece, such as papercraft, colouring book, seed paper, pop-up book, and others.

Adam Veron on Ways to Upgrade an Annual Report into a Masterpiece 1

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