9 Men’s Hat Styles You Should Know

If you’re new to the world of headwear, you may just be wondering where you should start. From hats to headscarves to bandanas, men’s headwear is just as complex as women’s. There are all sorts of styles to choose from and only some may sound familiar: fedora, baseball, beanies. While these are hats that many men swear by, they aren’t the only styles available.

9 Men’s Hat Styles You Should Know About

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Looking for a new hat to add a bit of style to your next outfit? This is a great place to start! While not a comprehensive guide to all the men’s hat styles that exist, it does cover all the styles that you should know about when updating your closet or looking for a new accessory.

1. Fedora

Right at the top of the list is the trusty fedora. This classic hat has been around for ages and won’t be going away anytime soon.

Fedoras are a great hat to add to any formal outfit and can be found in just about any colour you could ever think of. While a brightly coloured fedora can be used to add some colour to an otherwise plain suit, it’s probably best to stick with a more neutral colour that you can wear more often.

If you’re a fan of business casual, this is one of the best hats you could invest in. All you have to do to turn a more casual look into something a bit classier is reach for your trusty fedora and head out the door with confidence.

2. Panama

Panama hat
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If you live in the south or in a tropical region of the world, a Panama hat should be at the top of your list. This hat is another classic, though in a slightly different way than the fedora. Usually available in light colours, these hats are perfect for shielding your face from the summer sun without looking as casual as a baseball cap.

To purchase a truly authentic Panama hat, check out Montecuador. Made in Ecuador (like traditional Panama hats), you’ll find many styles available. All hats are made by hand using the traditional process and are of high quality.

3. Beret

This classic French hat is another all-time favourite that won’t disappoint. Once you learn how to properly wear one, berets make a great accessory. They’re both fashionable and very warm, so you can wear them in the winter without having to worry about hat hair caused by beanies or freezing in the wind.

4. Newsboy

Yet another classic, this 19th-century favourite is quickly coming back into fashion. As seen in popular TV shows like Peaky Blinders, wearing a newsboy hat can add a classy vintage look to any outfit.

If you need a large-sized men’s hat, the newsboy is a great option! They come in multiple sizes and it’s often not too difficult to find one in a large size.

5. Bucket Hat

Bucket hat
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Want something a bit more casual? You can’t go wrong with a bucket hat. Bucket hats come in all sorts of colours and patterns so you can get truly creative with how you wear one. While there was a time when they were no longer in fashion, they’ve definitely made a comeback and are available in all sizes!

Choosing a bucket hat really comes down to your sense of style and how you want to present yourself. If you want something fun or you want to add colour to your outfits, printed or brightly coloured bucket hats are a good choice. If you want something more laidback that will look good with most outfits, you can never go wrong with a neutral colour.

6. Baseball Cap

If you like sports or want to add a sporty look to your outfit, baseball caps are always a great way to go. As most of them are adjustable, they’re great for men who need large-sized hats as you can fit them to your head yourself.

Baseball caps come in every colour and pattern you could ever dream of. Buy one from your favourite name brand or pick one up from a local shop. You can even find them online and customize sportswear with SGS for a totally unique way to commemorate a fun trip with friends or advertise your business.

7. Pork Pie

Are you a fan of Breaking Bad? If so, you’ve already seen the pork pie hat in action. These thin-brimmed hats are still around from the 19th century and are mostly worn now for aesthetic reasons. They can add a bit of class to any outfit and work with both modern and vintage styles.

8. Bowler

Make your way downtown wearing a hat reminiscent of the wealthy in the early 1800s. Bowler hats were commonly worn by rich businessmen when they first came into fashion but are now a fairly common accessory amongst even the working class.

With a thin brim, these hats look great with suits or semi-casual outfits. If you happen to have a leather jacket on hand, wear it as well for a truly eye-catching look. 

9. Beanie

Beanie hat
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Another casual choice is a beanie. These hats are great for keeping your head warm, especially if your hair is starting to thin or you’re heading out for a winter sports day. You can find them in chunky knitted patterns or thin, slouchy materials that can be worn all year round.

Even thin beanies do a great job at keeping you warm, but if you’re prone to hat hair, you might not want to wear one on your way to work or leading up to an important business meeting. 

Final Thoughts

No matter your style, there’s a hat out there that can make your typical, everyday outfit into something a bit more interesting and eye-catching. Whether you’re looking for a way to add colour to your outfit, a way to protect your head from the sun, or just another accessory to keep on hand, hats are a great solution.

For those that have larger heads or like looser fitting hats, don’t be afraid to look into large-sized men’s hats! With a little looking around, you’ll be able to find the hat you want in the size you need it, you just have to know where to turn. 

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