9 Life Changing Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

Great movies with inspiring narratives about bravery and tenacity can change our lives and inspire us. These uplifting Netflix movies can make you feel better.

If humans, with all of their cognitive and intelligent capacities, are capable of creating, comprehending, and appreciating the art of cinema, then undoubtedly, some of them have tried to have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of others by infusing their cinematic works with deeply profound insights into life and philosophies that have over time come to change, or at least affect, an increasing number of people’s lives.

Life changing movies on Netflix

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You Can Watch 9 Netflix Movies That Will Change Your Life

1. The Little Prince

The Little Prince Review: A Satisfying Adaptation Of A Kid Lit Classic |  IndieWire

Almost all lists of the best inspirational movies on Netflix India include this animated movie regularly. The plot of the film is about a young girl who, with the assistance of her mother’s advice, navigates a world full of adults. 

The mother has many ambitious intentions for her daughter, but the eccentric next-door neighbour whisks her away into a fantastical world where anything is possible. “The Little Prince’s” world This narrative serves as a powerful reminder that “you only live once,” and it implores you to begin appreciating the significance of living each day to the fullest. 

2. Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds | Avengers: Infinity War, Roma, and 90 Other Titles Hitting  Netflix in December | POPSUGAR Entertainment Photo 17

In the movie Seven Pounds, which is centred on the idea of atonement, a man plagued by a sinister secret tries to clear his name by drastically altering the lives of seven total strangers. 

Growing love for one of the individuals on his list, a lady who alters him instead, is one of the unexpected circumstances he encounters along the way. 

3. Dangal 

Dangal - Title Track | Full Audio | Dangal | Aamir Khan | Pritam | Amitabh  B | Daler Mehndi - YouTube

Dangal, an Amir Khan blockbuster, is a must-mention in the genre of motivational Bollywood films. 

It won many people over with its energizing plot and emotional lessons. Dangal provides a glimpse of his unflinching dedication in the face of societal injustice.

4. Into The Wild 

The story of Chris McCandless, the intrepid adventurer who inspired Into  the Wild - LifeGate

When things are difficult, we frequently fantasize about running away and going on an adventure. 

But then it occurs to us that making something that spontaneous would take a lot of work, so we dismiss the idea and resume watching Netflix movies like “Into The Wild.” 

This one is one of the best Netflix movies to watch to unwind and think about what it means to be a wanderer.

5. 3 idiots 

7 Lessons we can learn from 3 Idiots - Circle

If you haven’t already seen it, the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots” is a must-watch. It begins with the tale of two buddies looking for a former college classmate. 

While this is happening, we listen to them reminisce about the heyday of their college years, filled with memorable events, life-changing insights, and some crucial ideas that most of us ought to instil in our thinking. 

With its lighter comedy and heartwarming moments, 3 Idiots is debatably one of Amir Khan’s best movies to date. It reminded Indians of the value of education over information and the necessity to pursue our passions rather than material success.

6. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Watch The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind | Netflix Official Site

This magnificent film, released in 2019, has been garnering praise and making waves worldwide because of its motivational plot. 

The story is set in Malawi, an African nation experiencing a severe drought that has left countless citizens without access to clean water. 

William Kamkuamb, who is just fourteen years old when he first notices the drought, later studies and develops an original plan to save his home community from going thirsty.

7. The Bucket List 

Watch The Bucket List | Netflix

Two unrelated men—a corporate billionaire and the other a straightforward mechanic—are drawn together by a common destiny. A fatal sickness is that fate. The Bucket List is one of the most motivational movies on our screens recently. 

It tells the story of two strangers who meet by chance and go on an extraordinary journey together to accomplish everything they’ve always wanted to do, but now even more so because they haven’t got much time left to live. 

Because two persons about to pass away recount it, the adage “You Only Live Once” takes on new significance.

8. Four Minutes 

Watch Four Minutes | Netflix

Four Minutes is a critically acclaimed but underappreciated cinematic masterpiece that belongs to the most inspirational films we’ve ever seen. 

This moving film explores what occurs when a senior piano teacher volunteers to instruct a nasty, hostile, and improbable student. The story is based on the experiences of an old piano teacher who teaches classes at a jail to a few inmates and a security guard. 

In her rambunctious new student, the former sees a spark of enormous potential. As the plot develops, we learn unexpected things about both people.

9. Invictus 

Review: Invictus (2009) — 3 Brothers Film

Invictus, one of the most cherished and motivational films ever on Netflix, is a touching dramatization of Nelson Mandela’s role in encouraging the South African national rugby team to win the World Cup during his first year in office. 

This motivational film focuses less on the hardships of a particular sport, and more on a country ripped apart by racism and economic inequality in the wake of Apartheid. It aims to unite its diverse population through a shared love of sports.


This post includes a list of the top 9 motivational and life-changing films on Netflix that you can watch to energize your workday.

We can always find inspiration and guidance for setting and achieving goals in life in the movies.

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