9 Inspirational Ideas For Your Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Woohooo! Christmas is coming! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells all the way! Excited for the upcoming Christmas? I know that feeling. But have you decided about decorating your home and outdoors yet? 

Still looking for inspiration and ideas? So many questions! Guess I’ll start explaining with a simple one.

One of the best ways to embrace the holiday spirit and cheer others up is to decorate and adorn your home outdoors with lights during the Christmas season. 

If you’re also looking for Holiday Christmas Lights inspiration for your home, then I’ll share some of my own personal ideas that I used for the upcoming Christmas and surprised my neighbors. 

Christmas lighting

Yeah, I know, it’s more like a basic thing to do, but have you ever tried wrapping the LED lights around the entrance fence of your outdoors? With little snow covering the fence, this idea of decorating your fence with a series of LED lights is sure to make your home look beautiful from the outside! 

You can even use it to wrap the bushes, trees, and short statues, and they’ll make it more loving and inviting for your guests!

Trees… yes! Why just use LED lights around them alone when you can trim them into beautiful shapes? Trim those and make them a part of your holiday decorations. 

You can light candles, use gift boxes around them, and fill them with surprises for your unexpected visitors.

Also, you can use solar lamps and solar lighting. It would be a perfect thing!

Christmas lighting

Once you believe you have set up the lights outdoors, it’s time to think about adding some real finishing touches. Hang the candles or lights over your garage door and your front. 

Don’t forget to add the Christmas garlands to give big open spaces a little swag. You can combine the Christmas lights to add a feel of dramatic effect.

Why not introduce blow-up displays to your outdoor spaces? Surely, they will attract people’s attention. You can write something motivating, an inspirational quote, or a Christmas greeting for your wire display and make others feel great about themselves.

Add a mystery touch to your Holiday Christmas Lights with LED track lights. These lights will glow with your tracking moments. You can even make it glow with a multi-colour setting that’ll light up your entire front yard like beautiful and unique art of colors at night. 

I am sure if you have a pet in your home, then it will also enjoy catching those tracking light sparkles.

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Chandeliers are great decorations for your Christmas lighting. They add a unique addition to your holiday decoration. Use it to light your porch to attract the seasonal birds and the Christmas vibe. 

If you don’t have a Chandelier, then you can use dimmable LED lights that mimic the chandelier style.

Christmas lighting

When you’re decorating your outdoors on the front side, then why leave out the backyard region of your home? It also needs to be decorated properly. 

You can use Christmas light balls to decorate your backyard, making it the best place to hang out with your family and friends.

Why limit there? You can build a beautiful fire pit that has the next level of beauty and aesthetics.

I call it the main highlight of the Christmas Holiday Lights! Christmas may feel incomplete without a decorated Christmas tree! Use candles, tiny LED lights, and chicken wires to make the whole tree a bundle of beauty!

Surely, you can decorate your outdoors as well as indoors with DIY paper lanterns! It would look quite beautiful and make your outdoors look more attractive. 

You can suspend them from your porch ceiling and have a Scandinavian-inspired Christmas porch for the season!

Christmas lighting

I hope these ideas will be best for you in decorating your outdoors and making them look aesthetically pleasing and attractive to your guests and neighbours. 

I have personally used these ideas. Now, you, too, can use them to make your upcoming Christmas more memorable and exciting for your loved ones.

If you’re looking for more ideas about decorations, then you can refer to the Glendale Halloween. I found a lot of ideas on their website. 

In addition, they have a great selection of free screensavers to download and an incredible happy humour section on their website. Why don’t you go and check them by yourself? Wish you a happy and merry Christmas 2023!

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