8 Ways to Honour a Loved One Who Has Passed

Death is such a difficult event to process – for those who are grieving, it can be incredibly complicated and hard to come to terms with. And yet, human beings have been honouring their passed loved ones in special ways for generations, finding unique and personal ways of celebrating them even after they’re gone. 

On that journey of grief and healing, we seek out the most meaningful way of remembering our loved ones. This post will provide eight ideas as inspiration for keeping your loved one close while travelling down that path of remembrance. 

Loved One Who Has Passed

From visiting cemeteries and planting memorial trees to crafting a tribute box or journaling about what you miss. Here are eight thoughtful approaches to honouring your deceased family members, friends and even pets.

Write them a letter

We don’t always have a chance to say everything we want to say before our loved ones are taken from us. If you feel you have things left unsaid, you can write them a letter to help honour their memory while also putting your mind at ease. You could leave this letter at their grave, hold on to it, or even burn it. It doesn’t matter what you do with the physical letter, as the act or writing counts.

Plant a tree or garden in their memory

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience that can leave a void in our hearts that we struggle to fill. However, there are ways we can honour their memory and keep them close to us. One beautiful idea is to plant a tree or flower that reminds us of them when it blooms every year. 

Every time we see its leaves or petals, we can remember their smile, their laughter, and the love they brought to our lives. It’s a small tribute that can hold great significance and serve as a beacon of hope and comfort during those tough times. 

If you’re on a smaller budget, you could plant a single tree, but if you have a larger budget, you might want to invest in an entire garden. This will give you a tranquil spot to go and think about how they influenced your life.

Read a book or watch a movie

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to experience a movie or a book that your loved one adored? It’s a beautiful feeling to know that you’re getting a glimpse of what they found engaging or amusing. 

Take the time to fully absorb what they cherished, and maybe you’ll even discover a new side of them. Engaging with a movie or book that your loved one enjoyed allows you to understand their perspective, and it is the perfect way to connect with them on a deeper level. So, grab a copy of that book they couldn’t put down or hit play on that movie they can’t stop talking about. It could be the start of something special.

Visit their favourite places

Loved One Who Has Passed

Travel gives us a new perspective on the world. There’s nothing quite like revisiting a cherished memory to bring a smile to your face, especially when you’re able to share that moment with someone special. 

Whether it’s the spot where you had your first date or the scenic hilltop where you watched the sunset together, these favourite places hold a special place in your heart. So why not take the time to capture those precious memories through photography?

Not only will it give you a keepsake to treasure for years to come, but it’ll also allow you to relive those special moments with the ones you love.

Create an album or scrapbook

Losing someone we love is never easy, but creating an album or scrapbook filled with cherished memories is a beautiful way to honour their life. It’s a chance to sift through old photographs and hold tangible reminders of the happy memories you shared together. 

Through this process, we can relive those moments and keep their energy alive in our hearts. It’s also an opportunity to share their incredible life story with others, prolonging their legacy for generations to come. Remember, we’ll always carry them with us, but there’s comfort in surrounding ourselves with tangible reminders as well.

Have a memorial dinner or gathering

A memorial dinner or gathering provides a space for loved ones to come together, share stories and memories, and find comfort in each other during difficult time. It’s a chance to celebrate their life rather than solely mourn their death. 

From preparing their favourite meal to sharing cherished memories, a memorial gathering can be tailored to honour the unique individuality of the person we’ve lost. 

Make a piece of jewellery

You don’t have to honour the person in a very public or obvious way. You can also do this discreetly by creating a piece of memorial jewellery. Memorial jewellery will typically have a hidden compartment where you can store a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. This will allow you to keep them close – in a memorial ring, for example – even long after you have said goodbye. Source: https://www.asheswithart.co.uk

Raise money for charity

Loved One Who Has Passed

Putting all of your energy into raising money for a charity in honour of your loved one is a great way to keep their memory alive. Not only will you benefit the charity, but you’ll also find this is an excellent way to heal from your grief. You could run a marathon, sell homemade baked goods, or volunteer as a fundraiser at an event. You’ll be doing something great for society while also helping to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

Closing thoughts

Though the pain of loss can be overwhelming, it is important to remember love and celebrate the life of your loved one. You can do this once after the funeral or try making it an annual event. Doing these activities will not only help you begin to heal but will also allow you to keep your memory alive.

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