7 Tips for Choosing White Marble Countertop

Every home décor requires good marble countertops. Whether in the kitchen, lounge or washroom, countertops are essential in the home interior. But it becomes pretty challenging to decide what material would be suitable. A marble or a wooden one would be best to go with. There is no doubt that marble countertops and backsplashes are popular materials. And a lot of interior designers suggest them too.

Choosing White Marble Countertops
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Marble is one of the finest natural materials in a great variety. One thing, it can easily be moulded in whichever shape you want. Hence, this creates a lovely pattern you cannot get in any other materials.

You don’t have to worry if you plan to match the countertops with your interior. As marbles come in any colour, the white marble takes the cake. However, it is not easy to maintain a white marble because it is made of calcium carbonate, which means it will react with acids. Such as lemon juice or vinegar, which are said to be marble’s enemies. No matter what, the stain doesn’t wipe off.

But if you choose to stand with this decision, you must be careful. You must be aware of it and know how to look after white marble. They are functional, look beautiful and can be the best choice for kitchen countertops.

To make it easy for you, below, we have jotted down a few tips on choosing the best marble countertop. Could you give it a read?

If you’re worried about stains, white marble is the way

The marble may look like creamy, white stone, but it has a lot of designs and shades in the colour white. Generally speaking, white marble is the best choice. Acid etching leaves a pale mark on coloured marble that is significantly more obvious than white marble. But it is your personal choice.

You do not have to panic if any liquid pours down your countertop. The marks will not be evident, so who knows that your countertop is dirty? While classic Italian white marbles like Calacatta and Statuario are generally of high quality and a terrific kitchen concept. To buy a white marble countertop, visit Huntsville Kitchen Countertops.

Choosing the original one is difficult

Since many people consider buying white marble, you may encounter a fake one. Many shopkeepers are making its dupe and selling it at higher prices. We would suggest you take along an interior designer before you buy one. To avoid any mishap, do your homework first. You can search on Google and grab information about the material.

And if you ever get a fake marble, there is no hard and fast rule. Every marble comes with an exchange policy. Do not forget to take your receipt from the seller. So in future, if you want to return it, you can do it quickly. Being clever is the trick!

Consider how the various marble slabs will be combined

Because each stone slab is slightly different, it’s best to choose the exact pieces of stone for your countertops. Selecting slabs and determining where the veining will appear on the countertop is an art form in marble. You want to place the markers so that it seems like a painting.

At the same time, it’s crucial to think about how the various components fit together. The longer you can make the garment without seams, the better it looks. If there are seams, it’s always a good idea to book-match the marble so that neighbouring pieces appear mirrored.

Veining patterns are always a good choice

7 Tips for Choosing White Marble Countertop 1
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Every quarry is distinct, yet unique veining patterns can be achieved by cutting particular types of marble blocks in two different ways. Cross-cutting produces stone slabs with an open floral design that appears random and is excellent for book matching. The vein cut, or striate, slices the block the other way to create a striped, linear appearance.

Veining patterns make the marble look beautiful and fantastic. It will boost your interior. Many interior designers also recommend marbles in veining patterns. So, if you choose white marble for your kitchen, do not forget to ask your designer to make a veining pattern on it before fixing it in your kitchen.

Different finishes can be used to change the appearance of marble

The entire stone sector has undergone a massive technological transformation that reshapes the product, including different brushing and polishing procedures. However, the most popular finishes are polished (glossy) and honed (matte).

A honed finish is recommended for homeowners who are concerned about acid etching. Etching a polished surface will dull it and cause it to lose its lustre. You’re dulling an already dull finish with honed, so it hides it.

Curve the edges of your marble countertop if possible

Aside from its natural beauty, there’s a reason marble has long been favoured for sculpture: it’s simple to work with. When you add sophisticated computer numerical control milling machines to the mix, practically anything is conceivable regarding kitchen design.

There are many other edge profiles to pick from, but we favour a simple softened edge because it softens the sharpness of a straight 90-degree corner. You can also choose with a bull’s nose, which has a half-circle design and is a timeless favourite and practical option. Marble is brittle, so it will chip if you hit it with something hard at a 90-degree angle. With a curve, it’s incredibly improbable that it’ll chip.

It’s also possible to carve your pattern on the edge of a white marble countertop. Accepting that marble countertops will patina over time may be the best way to live with them. This could be the perfect material for you if you’ve ever seen white marble patinas in an old bakery or pizza business.

Before you go, call the slab marble facility to see if they have marble slabs in the colour, kind, square footage, and measurements you need. Tell them you’re coming and ask them to give you a tour of their various marble slabs. This will also enable the provider to take out their different slab marbles ahead of time so that when you come, you can go straight to the ones that suit your demands.

Gets a sealed finish for your marble countertops to keep them looking good

For long-term function, marble countertops must be filled with a penetrating sealant. Acids will etch the surface, but if the countertop is sharpened, an etched mark can typically be cleaned with a Comet paste and a pad.

If the marble is polished, cleaning it will require various abrasives and technical competence, which is best left to a professional. If a stain does appear on the marble, it can usually be cleaned with an alkaline poultice that pulls the staining substance out of the stone as it dries. However, any operations would remove the sealer, so it must be reapplied after the repair.

Marble has the advantage of being sanded or polished anew at any time. You can’t do that with several other materials once damaged.

Final Thoughts

7 Tips for Choosing White Marble Countertop 2
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

With marble, you can’t go wrong. This durable material is used for various applications, including countertops, flooring, fireplaces, and wall cladding. It’s elegant, long-lasting, and adaptable enough to work in traditional and contemporary settings. And it gives character and texture as few other materials can, regardless of colour.

We hope that this blog will help you. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments box below if we have missed anything. Till then, happy reading!

7 Tips for Choosing White Marble Countertop 3

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