7 Common Reasons Why Families Require A Lawyer

It is easy to find legal representation online; however, many families do not believe they will ever require this type of service. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the average person may require the use of a lawyer, and it is more common than you may think.

Why Families Require A Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer shouldn’t be a hassle, so let’s look at the most common reasons why your family may need one in the future.


Divorce is a process that two partners can undergo if their marriage breaks down. Filing for divorce is quite common nowadays, and there are several reasons why couples choose to end their marriage. 

A judge can rule on a no-fault divorce if you have already been separated for more than two years. However, it is up to the couple to provide their own evidence of this separation, so a lawyer isn’t required. If you need to prove that the divorce is the fault of one member in the partnership, then it is time to get legal representation. These professionals can be hired to provide evidence that proves the other person acted violently, committed adultery, or abused drugs for a long period. It’s important that you gather this evidence and tell your lawyer everything that happened so they can use it to navigate specific legal proceedings.

Child Custody

If two parents are engaged in a divorce, a judge must decide on who gains primary custody of any children that the two parents had. Each case is unique, so it’s important that you get the legal representation that can understand your specific needs.

Legal aid solicitors National Legal Service can provide you with the information you need to know when going through a divorce. The judge will decide based on what is best for the child’s welfare, so a family lawyer can help you demonstrate that you are a reliable parent. Both parties will maintain joint custody until the final ruling is made. Afterwards, you can expect to receive an alternate custody plan.

Becoming Guardians

Sometimes, a family needs to grow rather than break apart. Children living in a dangerous situation are going to need somewhere else to live, but you can only take in these individuals if you apply for formal guardianship.

Guardianship gives you the power to make key decisions for a non-biological child or someone who cannot reliably care for themselves. These decisions can refer to their medical needs, financial wellbeing, or settling personal matters. Of course, the documents involved in this procedure are quite complicated, and you may have to prove to a judge that you are the right person to have this type of power. Therefore, you are going to require the services of a legal representative who understands family law.

Non-Molestation Orders

An individual that is seeking to divorce another individual based on their negative behaviours may seek to put a non-molestation order in place. The court provides a non-molestation order to prevent a former partner from gaining access to you or a child because of previous violent tendencies. 

The aim of this procedure is to keep former family members safe, but you will need to prove to a judge that you feel threatened enough to gain one of these orders. Fortunately, your family lawyer can trace police records to find evidence of previous calls that indicate that you have had to seek out this type of help before.


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Couples that cannot conceive naturally can still become parents. Adoption is extremely common in the UK, and 2870 children were adopted in 2021 alone. Adopting isn’t normally a complicated process. There are seven stages that prospective parents must follow to adopt a child, starting with an initial inquiry. The family must then go on to receive an evaluation and a pre-placement session before the decision is finalised.

As you may expect, it is vital to have a family lawyer present during the adoption process to talk you through the legal paperwork that accompanies this type of procedure. You may also want to keep a lawyer on hand just in case there are any discrepancies during one of these stages. As mentioned above, adoption is normally an uncomplicated affair; however, it never hurts to be prepared.

Juvenile Affairs

Crime covers a broad spectrum of behaviour in the UK. As such, a younger member of your family may find themselves in a situation where they inadvertently break the legal code of conduct and could face the consequences for their actions. It isn’t uncommon for teenagers to act out and test their boundaries with petty vandalism or underage drinking. Small childhood transgressions like this are usually treated with leniency, but they may still end up pleading their case in juvenile court.

A family lawyer can always provide you with representation if anyone in your household has a brush with the law. Most legal professionals are experts in several aspects of the law, which means that you can hire someone you trust during these difficult times.


Emancipation is the act of a child under the age of sixteen becoming divorced from their parents. This means that they are free from any restrictions that their care forces upon them in the eyes of the law. Emancipation is not something that often happens in the UK and is only ever considered in extreme circumstances.

These circumstances are viewed by a judge, who needs to assess whether the child would be better served in a new environment. Of course, a family lawyer is needed to deliberate on behalf of both the child and their parents, and they will also need to organise the paperwork for the child’s new guardian if the emancipation is successful.


Family law is a complex field involving more procedures than you would have expected. If someone in your family is in need of legal aid, then a family lawyer can review your situation to try and reach the best outcome possible. 

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