7 Common Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that, to date, over 30,000 distinct species of bacteria have been identified and named? Numerous bacteria live in our homes on floors, sinks, countertops, and other surfaces. A breeding ground for bacteria is the kitchen. This is due to the possibility of bacteria spreading from your meals to your countertops and other surfaces. This is why it’s crucial to clean your kitchen regularly, with or without hiring a cleaning services in LA. You might be guilty of more frequent cleaning errors than you think.

Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes

Given that their sink has access to running water throughout the day, many believe it is clean. This, however, is untrue. If you’re not careful, bacteria could be drawn to your sink like a magnet.

The sink cannot be cleaned by just running water. You require friction to get rid of germs and other microbes. For this reason, it’s crucial to periodically clean your sink.

Any germs that have adhered to the sink can be removed by scrubbing it with soap. There may probably also be some food debris clinging to your sink. If you don’t frequently clean your sink, the accumulation of food and bacteria may cause it to start to smell.

Your sink’s lifespan could also be shortened by it. Try to thoroughly clean your sink once every week. By doing this, any debris and bacterial growth will be avoided.

You can get aid with this from a house cleaning service. Or you might include this task in your regular kitchen deep cleaning schedule.

Unclean dishcloths are a major source of bacterial contamination. Dish towels are frequently reused without ever being washed. This will eventually fill your cloth with bacteria.

The fibres may also begin to sprout mildew and fungus. These germs will only spread if you wipe your counters and dishes with soiled, old rags. You might not even know how dirty your entire kitchen might become.

As a result, bacteria will spread throughout your kitchen. This could also make your kitchen smell awful. Deep cleaning your dishtowels frequently is the key.

After a few uses, you should be able to get rid of them by washing them. This will stop uncontrolled microbial development. It’s also a good idea to rotate various towels to maintain them in good condition.


Since the dishwasher is a kitchen cleaning tool, it should remain clean, right? No, not always. Because they believe they will clean themselves, many people don’t clean their dishwashers.

Food can become stuck in dishwashers, which is a problem. This is especially true for the dishwasher’s bottom. Food has difficulty escaping because of the numerous crevices in this location.

The food will begin to rot as soon as it gets stuck in your dishwasher. This can cause your dishwasher to smell terrible. To solve this issue, the dishwasher needs to be manually cleaned.

It should be cleaned with a rag to get the job done. Whatever could be stuck in the machine can be scraped out. Your dishwasher might operate more effectively if you clean it out.

A smart place to start is by deep cleaning the dishwasher once every other week.

Many individuals completely disregard their waste disposal. Whatever leftover food falls off your plate and down the sink’s drain is chopped up by the garbage disposal. The majority of this food is effectively drained away by disposal.

But it can’t eliminate it. In waste disposal, some food may become caught. This food will start to degrade and smell terrible if you never care to clean it.

A very bad odour in your kitchen may result from this. Pouring kitchen cleaning supplies like vinegar down the drain will clean your garbage disposal. Once a week should be plenty to maintain cleanliness.

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By using incorrect cleaning supplies, some people harm their counters and other surfaces. They frequently engage in it without recognizing it. Let’s say your countertops are granite.

The natural stone may become damaged using a cleaning agent like bleach. This is so that the stone won’t get scraped or stained. This is especially true when utilizing abrasive substances like baking soda or used rags.

Use the proper house cleaning supplies at all times. Your kitchen will remain spotless if you do this. Cleaning kitchen floors and cabinets also reflect his.

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You’ve likely previously neglected to clean your blender, toaster, coffee machine, and other equipment. If you don’t clean these appliances, your kitchen will appear and smell dirty.

Deep cleaning this equipment’s nooks and crannies can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. You’ll find it easier if you stick with it.

Cleaning dishes is a chore that nobody enjoys. The procedure could be greatly simplified by pre-soaking them. The food on them will soften if you put them in the sink with warm water.

You won’t need to scrape your dishes, thanks to this. Instead, you can simply wipe away anything that could be adhered to them. It helps you save a ton of time and work.

Many people commit frequent cleaning errors in the kitchen without even realising it. It’s possible that you will overlook cleaning the sink or that you won’t remember to wash your dish towels. Perhaps you won’t wash the kitchen utensils or soak the dishes.

You may simplify everything by hiring a kitchen cleaning service in Village 9. 

When food is left out or when crumbs and other food waste aren’t cleaned up, bacteria can thrive and reproduce. Cleaning the kitchen thoroughly is essential to avoid the spread of foodborne infections. This covers, at the very least, all utensils, tools, cutting boards, bowls, and surfaces.

Knives should never be kept loose in a drawer; always store them securely. For various cutting tasks, use the proper knives. If using a sharp mandoline slicer, put on gloves or use hand protection. Knives, food processor blades, blender blades, and other pointed objects should all be hand-washed separately.

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