7 Actionable Tips to Boost your Kids Concentration

Is getting your little one to finish his homework or get his tasks done proving to be a challenge? You’re not alone! Mums around the world complain about how they have a hard time getting their children to focus and concentrate- not just when it comes to school work, but everything else too – unless it involves video games. If that sounds like you, here’s a little help.

Boost your Kids Concentration

Read on to discover seven fun ways, plus actionable tips and tricks, to give your kids concentration levels a quick boost!

Do it With Games

Growing children learn best through play, and when you use educational games to build their attention and child’s focus, it can really work well. Keep the screens away, though- studies have found that the use of gadgets and screens can actually reduce attention span in children. Instead, get your kid some thinking games such as jigsaw puzzles, memory cards and sequencing games to give his brain a little exercise.

Have the Right Environment

Boost your Kids Concentration

Children tend to get a little bit distracted easily, and that’s precisely why having the right environment that is free of distractions can be a great idea to boost your kid’s concentration levels. Set up their workspace such that there is nothing there to disturb them. Make it a place where they can learn and get tasks done without being interrupted by anything. It also makes sense to set up this space as a distraction-free environment away from the windows for obvious reasons.


Like us adults, children focus better when they are in a clean and organized environment. Teach your kid to keep their things tidy, sort out the books that they need and get his study material on his desk before he gets started. This will help them learn how to implement this very important real-life skill, too and will have a positive impact and cause their concentration levels to shoot up too.

Accompany Him

In a recent study, this system works the same way accountability partners do when family members accompany their kids and even help them while they sit down to study, you’ll notice how much their productivity levels shoot up. The important thing, however, is to avoid chatting when you sit down with them. No free play just encourage them to focus on the positive way they are working and go with the flow.

Break it Down

Another fantastic way parents of children can boost their kids’ concentration levels is to divide those big tasks into small ones. So be it your kid’s monthly assignment or some pending papers that need to be worked on, divide and conquer rather than complete them over long periods of time! Remember that bigger tasks require a stronger determination and focus, and in contrast, when you divide them into smaller chunks, they become easier to tackle.

Keep it Consistent

Any activity that is done consistently most likely results in success and is a great way at homework time too. Create a routine for your little one to follow, and the best way is to set a specific time slot in the day when energy levels are higher. Make sure they get to study at the same time every single day consistently until it becomes a habit. This way, the part of the brain function knows it is study time, and you’ll find that this has a big impact on their academic performance, and their concentration levels improve a lot! Memory games are good habits and a great tool for a child’s short-term memory and concentration.

Take Breaks

Take a break

Just like us adults, young children, too, need brain breaks or two to keep parts of their brains fresh and an effective way to keep going. Studying or working for extended periods of time without physical activity is definitely going to tempt the mind to wander. Be it a power nap, deep breathing, aerobic exercise, a short walk in the park, going skating or munching on a snack, make sure your little one takes a break every hour to keep their attention levels at the maximum, or there could be a power struggle. This is also essential for a hyperactive child’s concentration.

Implementing these tips will surely help, and a systematic review has proved it’s a good way for a child’s focus when you team them up with a balanced diet of good food containing essential nutrients and leafy green vegetables. Put these together with regular exercise and adequate sleep; you will experience a boost in the child’s focus and concentration levels.

7 Actionable Tips to Boost your Kids Concentration 1

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