6 Things You Should Know If You’re About to Become a Mum

Every mother is different. Every experience of being a mum is unique. But one thing that all mothers have in common is what they wish they knew before becoming one. The following post shares six important facts to know before you become a mum, so be sure to read on!

The First Few Months Are Going To Be A Whirlwind

Become a Mum

If you’re one of the lucky ones, then congratulations! You’ve got this whole parenting thing down perfectly, and it’s going great!! If not – take comfort in knowing that every mother out there has been where you are at some point or another.   The first couple of months can feel like a complete blur because your hormones will still be all over the place from giving birth; plus, everything is new so learning how to adjust to life as a parent takes time, according to the folks at thegoodnursery.com. Be sure to ask friends/family members who have already experienced parenthood to give you some advice if they’re willing to do so! They’ve been there, done that, and now have the T-shirt (so ask away), plus their experience can help make things a little less overwhelming for you as a new parent.

Things Are Going To Change

Things change; that’s just the way it goes. But nothing changes more than once you become a mum! Not only will your lifestyle be changed, but also your home life and relationships with others. Life will look different from now on, so be prepared for what lies ahead can help ease some of the overwhelming feelings mothers often have when they’re about to give birth.

You’ll feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done for things around the house to run smoothly without much effort or thought required from yourself – well, at least not as much as before becoming a mother, anyways!! You’ll need time off here and there just because you deserve it (and need it), plus you should make sure not to push yourself too hard or stress yourself out too much – it’s not worth the aftermath.

You’re Going To Be Exhausted

Exhaustion is just a part of being a mum from all that lack of sleep and taking care of your baby 24/hrs, so embrace it! Take advantage whenever you can by sleeping in as much as possible, and take naps to help keep yourself awake during the day because there’s nothing worse than feeling tired while trying to play with or feed your baby.

If you’re formula feeding, take comfort in knowing that there are things available to help keep your baby’s tummy full for longer. And if breastfeeding is your thing – congrats! But be sure not to overdo it because too much milk can lead to a very unhappy and gassy baby, .and nobody likes being up all night with an upset stomach, so don’t push yourself too hard, ladies!

You’re Going To Be Worried

Worrying is a natural part of being a parent, but there’s no need for you or anyone else to make it worse than it already is! If you worry about your baby more often than not, take advantage by making notes on what exactly concerns you. Worrying is a natural part of being a parent, but there’s no need for you or anyone else to make it worse than it already is! If you find yourself worrying about your baby more often than not, then take advantage by making notes on what exactly concerns you, such as the time you take medicines or visit your doctor and changes in your body, so do some exercise or use a due date calculator to prepare ahead of time for when the baby comes. So that way, when the time comes, and something happens, you’ll have some idea as to what needs to happen for him/her to feel better again. When the time comes, and something happens, you’ll have some idea as to what needs to happen for him/her to feel better again.

The same goes with if anything bad does occur because now will be the best time possible to go back over those notes so that way, next time around, things can hopefully stay worry-free (or less worrisome anyway). Keep in mind, though, that all this takes time, so give yourself some time to relax and not feel overwhelmed by everything happening around you.

Don’t Have Enough Time For Yourself Anymore

Become a mum

This is completely normal and will probably go away after the first few months (unless, of course, your baby stays up all night crying, then it might take a little longer, haha). Being able to chill out every once in a while can help reduce stress levels, so make sure that if there’s something or someone who can watch/take care of your child while you get some alone time – TAKE THEM UP ON THEIR OFFER!

You deserve it because you’ve just gone through nine long months growing another human being inside you, plus taking on this huge responsibility called parenthood…and nobody said that part would be easy either. There are very rare moments where things work out perfectly, but things will be a bit chaotic for the most part.

Be Amazed At How Strong You Are

You will probably take a few steps back and realize that this isn’t an easy task, but if it were, everyone would do it. You’ll learn the hard way what your limits are and when things need to slow down or stop altogether because there’s no point in trying to force yourself beyond those limits…that only makes everything worse for you and your baby. If something hurts more than usual during one of those moments – listen to yourself! Your body is telling you, “hey, I’m tired,” so don’t ignore it by pushing harder than before. Take care of yourself first because without taking some time from all that new mummy craziness – you won’t be able to take care of anyone else!

For those of you who are pregnant with your first child – congratulations on going through one of the most important journeys in life! But remember, nothing is set in stone when it comes to motherhood, so go with whatever feels right at the time because every baby/child is different. Not all experiences will be alike, even though many parallels can be drawn from each situation.

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