6 Reasons Why Vitamin E Is Good For Your Hair And Skin!

Fortunately, in our current day and age, we’re able to share beauty and health advice through our phones and laptops easily thanks to the Internet. This means that the average person has access to more volume and generally higher quality of information. When it comes to beauty-related topics, more than anything, you’ll hear Vitamin E pop up.

6 Reasons Why Vitamin E Is Good For Your Hair And Skin! 1

Vitamin E is almost like the poster child of skin and hair, and you’ll find anyone from your aunt, to your hairdresser talking about the new range of products she’s using. What exactly is Vitamin E and why are vitamin e creams everywhere? Why is it usually listed on skin and hair care packaging, and how does it help your skin and hair? I mean, if it is so prevalent, it ought to be just as equally good right?

In this article, we’re going to be sharing with you six ways in which Vitamin E is the wonder ingredient for your Skin and your Hair.

General Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant whose main purpose in health is acting as a protecting agent for cell membranes against free radicals in the atmosphere. Free radicals are atoms that float around unstable, looking for surfaces to oxidize and thus, will kill almost any cell it touches. 

That’s of course, only if the antioxidant doesn’t interfere. When it comes to where free radicals can come from, they are released from the sun. from cigarette smoke (which generates a lot of free radicals in the atmosphere), physical and emotional stress, chemicals in food, and unhealthy fat. Because of so many of these factors we simply cannot control. It makes Vitamin E such a desirable component in our food and healthcare products. 

In general, Vitamin E helps to heal dehydrated skin along with parched and itchy skin. It’s great for helping your eyes stay healthy and is widely used to treat blood problems such as high blood pressure and any problems with arteries clogged or hardening.

When it comes to health and beauty, Vitamin E is synonymous with treating dull, brittle, and dry hair back to good supple healthy hair. This is because it prevents the skin and hair from further free radical damage to let it begin its process of self-healing.

6 Reasons Why Vitamin E Is Good For Your Hair And Skin! 2

1. Vitamin E is a great Moisturizer!

When you apply Vitamin E, because it is oil-soluble and not water-soluble, it ends up being heavier than other water-soluble products, which makes it resistant to being washed away by sweat and rainwater and forms a strong basis for preventing loss of moisture to the skin. 

When you mix Vitamin E into your moisturizing mix in the morning or before you go to bed, you will see a significant increase in skin health and moisture throughout your week, trust us.

2. Vitamin E is great at Healing Sunburns.

Vitamin E, like the other things it does, reverses the damage done by free radicals. One such source of free radicals is most commonly on a fun beach day out in the sun, and UV radiation leads to sunburn and dark spots, both things that are repaired and made better through Vitamin E. When it comes to treating sunburned spots, mix Vitamin E oils into your palm and apply directly to the burnt area.

3. Vitamin E is great at Treating Dark Spots

When affected by free radicals, the skin is often subject to this process called hyperpigmentation, which shows up as what we often call a dark spot. These are unsightly and can be otherwise easily treated with Vitamin E mixed directly into a little bit of moisturizer or olive oil. This makes a little homemade balm that’s all-natural and great for your skin. You will see that dark spots will lighten after just using this trick for a few days.

4. Vitamin E is a great Cleansing Agent!

An aspect of Vitamin E we may have not mentioned as much is the fact that it is oil-based. This makes Vitamin E a great substance if you’re looking to clean surface dirt and impurities. Vitamin E also helps your skin maintain your oil balance, so it’s good for treating hands; dry hands especially. To use Vitamin E, simply take some vitamin oil and apply it to a clean cotton ball.

5. Vitamin E is great at Healing Dry Fingernails.

Rubbing Vitamin E into dry fingernails and cuticles can help moisturize and heal your nails. Make sure to use vitamin E in the oil form and apply only the amount needed and rub gently and thoroughly to make sure the vitamin E oil reaches the target area.

6. Vitamin E is great at fading Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are more common than you think, and appear when skin is dry and overstretched. This makes the affected skin lose its elasticity and can easily lead to an old, unsightly appearance. Gently massaging vitamin E oil on your stretch marks helps to fade the stretch marks gradually and re-introduce suppleness into your skin. Stretch marks form due to weight gain and pregnancy, and can appear at any time throughout a person’s normal weight journey, so having Vitamin E at hand can be always helpful.

Vitamin E


Now that we have given you six great reasons to incorporate Vitamin E in your beauty routine, do we even have to say more?

On top of what we’ve mentioned, Vitamin E is great at soothing cold sores, reversing ageing, stimulating hair growth, maintaining a healthy scalp balance, and mending split-ends.

Now, we have mentioned Vitamin E oil a lot, and while that’s one of the more direct solutions along with Vitamin E capsules, a healthier alternative would be to look for your Vitamin E in your diet. Foods that are great in Vitamin E include seafood, green vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Look out for allergens, of course, when incorporating more of these into your diet.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about Vitamin E and its many benefits for you. Make sure to always consume in moderation, just like with everything else, and make sure to let your dermatologist know if you have any specific skin condition that might require further care.

6 Reasons Why Vitamin E Is Good For Your Hair And Skin! 3

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