6 Important Life Situations When You Should Call A Lawyer

Sometimes, it’s necessary to call a lawyer. When a lawyer’s help is needed, it’s usually because something stressful is going on. A lawyer doesn’t just provide expert legal advice; they also offer support.

Because most people have never had any dealings with a lawyer, they usually don’t know what situations warrant calling one. If you don’t know what situations a lawyer’s help is needed, then getting help might be delayed.

When You Should Call A Lawyer

This post will explore this topic a little deeper, offering six examples of situations when you need a lawyer’s assistance.

Wrongful Death

If your loved one has died because of another person’s negligence, then you need to contact a lawyer to make a wrongful death claim. The length of time you have after a loved one’s death to make a claim depends on the state that you are in. The California wrongful death statute of limitations, for example, might differ from other states’ statutes of limitations. Immediately after your loved one’s death, find out what your state’s statute of limitations is so you know how long you have before you can no longer make a claim.

A personal injury lawyer can make a wrongful death claim on your behalf. Take time and research before hiring a lawyer so you can find one who’s qualified, experienced, and knows what they are doing.

Personal Injuries

A personal injury lawyer will also help you claim compensation after you are injured in an accident. Ideally, the lawyer you hire should offer their services on a contingency basis. A contingency basis (or a no-win-no-fee agreement) means you don’t have to pay for legal representation until your claim is won. If you lose your claim, then you don’t pay. Again, take time and do your research so that you can find the most qualified and experienced lawyer in your area. The quality of your legal defence will influence the outcome of your case.

Criminal Charges

If criminal charges are being brought against you, you need a lawyer’s help immediately. Unfortunately, criminal defence lawyers do not offer their services on a contingency basis. Instead, they offer financial payment plans to people who cannot pay for their services upfront. You should not take shortcuts when finding a lawyer defending against criminal charges since their expertise could help you avoid prosecution. Always read a criminal defence lawyer’s reviews to get an idea of how experienced they are (and what the service they offer is like).

Divorce Proceedings

When You Should Call A Lawyer

Divorce proceedings can be very stressful, so you need a family lawyer’s help. A family lawyer will be able to ensure that you don’t get taken for a ride by your ex-spouse. The outcome of divorce proceedings is usually a financial settlement awarded to one person. If you have the most money in your marriage, your ex-spouse will undoubtedly argue that they deserve a chunk of your savings. If this is the case, you need a family lawyer’s help. A family lawyer can build a defence for you, ensuring a fair settlement is reached.

Custody Disputes

Another time when family lawyers come in handy is during custody disputes, which usually coincide with or follow divorce proceedings. A custody dispute can be a very stressful thing to have to deal with. After all, who wants to lose access to their children? If your ex-spouse is trying to take custody of your children, you need an experienced lawyer’s help. An experienced lawyer can intervene and stop your ex-spouse from taking your children away. They will also be able to defend you against any of your ex-spouse’s claims (which they are bound to make if they are trying to take your children away).

Contractual Disagreements

Finally, if you ever find yourself involved in a contractual dispute, you need to hire a contract lawyer. A contract lawyer will be able to defend you and ensure that you get a fair settlement amount or stop you from being sued. That said, contractual disagreements are usually pretty straightforward. If you are in the wrong, then a contractual lawyer probably won’t be able to completely dissolve you of any responsibility. Still, they will be able to significantly reduce the amount of compensation you are ordered to pay.

Sometimes, you need a lawyer’s help. The type of lawyer that you need depends on the situation. Now you know about six scenarios that require a lawyer’s help, so if you ever find yourself in such situations, you will know who to call.

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