6 Helpful Appliances That Every Mum Should Have In The Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where many people spend a lot of their time. From cooking to eating, the kitchen is one of the most important parts of our home. For those with homes and busy mums trying to get dinner ready after a long day, having the right appliances can help save you not only time but energy as well. It essentially helps you cook food quickly or save you time in other areas of the kitchen and makes life easier! Here are 6 appliances that every mum should have in her kitchen!

6 Helpful Appliances That Every Mum Should Have In The Kitchen 1

Full Capacity Freezer

When mum’s busy, she needs to be organised so that her family can eat at any time. One of the most effective appliances for this is a freezer, where you can store prepared meals and other food items, so they don’t go bad. It’s also a great place to store leftovers. Freezers come in all different sizes and may be full-size or compact. It’s up to you which size will work best for your family. It helps keep your kitchen clean and sanitary as well!


A toaster is a staple in most kitchens. For many families, sandwich toasters are lifesavers as it’s perfect for making their favourite breakfast foods like bagels and bread, as well as making sure the bread you eat every morning gets toasted. It’s great for making single servings or larger quantities. You can also make toast without having to use the oven and heat up the whole kitchen!

A toaster won’t take up too much space in your kitchen and is very functional. Make sure you have one for every member of the family, so everyone can enjoy toast or bagels cooked just how they like it! You can find all sorts of different designs, from more traditional models with two slots on either side to larger four-slice toasters. It’s up to you which style will suit your family best!

Multi-feature Microwave

A microwave can be a lifesaver for busy parents. You can cook almost anything in there without heating up your whole oven, giving you more time to get things done. It’s an effective way to heat up leftovers or prepare quick snacks on the go! It typically has one or more additional features so that you can do more than just heat food. Cooking in a microwave can be faster than using a traditional oven, so you can get dinner on the table in no time! Some models also have a grilling feature that can be used to grill things like sandwiches, vegetables, and more!


A dishwasher can make quick work of cleaning your dirty dishes. Instead of you spending all your time on dishes, it does the work for you! Not only is this a great help to moms who are busy, but it also helps save water, since many dishwashers will use less water than washing by hand would. They’re also built with special cycles to take care of different types of dishware and dishes, from plastics to non-stick pans. Dishwashers come in all sorts of styles as well, from traditional top-loading models to more modern front-loading options.

Blender/Food Processor

A blender can make a healthy smoothie or other foods a breeze. If you’ve ever tried to make a smoothie by hand, you may have realised the amount of time and effort it takes. Plus, it’s hard to get everything mixed up! Blenders can mix things so much faster and easier than a traditional blender, though. They often come with different speed options depending on what you’re mixing. You can also use them for other kitchen needs outside of just making drinks, thanks to special attachments that may be included in the packaging.

Essentially, a blender does most of the work for you. Not only can they be used to make healthy snacks like smoothies or milkshakes, but they’re great for chopping up nuts, vegetables, or foods that need fine cutting. Food processors are also great for chopping up large quantities of food very quickly. They’re functional for chopping, dicing, and mixing.

Pressure Cooker

6 Helpful Appliances That Every Mum Should Have In The Kitchen 2

Pressure cookers are similar to crockpots in the sense that they’re a great way to save cooking time. Instead of using a crockpot, you can use a pressure cooker! While using one takes some getting used to, it’s still a great way to get food on the table quickly.

Basically, it works by cooking food faster than you could ever do on the stovetop. Some models feature multi-functions so that you can use them for other things like steaming or slow cooking, while others are simply used to cook up your favourite dishes.

These appliances are the perfect way to keep your kitchen clean and organised, so you can spend less time cooking and cleanup! Many of them also save you time so you can get more done throughout your day. Plus, they’re available in different sizes for any type of kitchen, whether it’s compact or full-size.

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