6 Fun Outdoor Activities to Keep Kids Entertained and Moving

Are you a mom at the end of your rope trying to keep the kids entertained and away from screens? You’re not alone. With social distancing guidelines still in place, it can be tough to develop new activities that will ensure your family has fun and stays healthy. 

To help you, we have gathered six fun outdoor activities guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages. These activities don’t require expensive equipment or a lot of space – just some creativity and imagination. So grab on those hats, sunscreen, butterfly nets or whatever props you want and get outside.

Below are six fun outdoor activities to keep kids entertained and moving:

1. Obstacle Course Challenge

Fun Outdoor Activities

Make a little obstacle course in your backyard for the kids to enjoy jumping, weaving, hopping, and crawling. You can also make it more of a race by timing each youngster as they complete the course. You can add props, such as hula hoops or plastic cones, to make things even more fun for younger children.

Vuly trampolines for sale are also a great way to add bounce and excitement to the obstacle course. And if it’s nice out, you can set up an outdoor water station to cool off during the challenge. With a little creativity, you can create an obstacle course that will entertain kids of all ages for hours. 

2. Hula Hoop Contest

Who can hula hoop the longest? That’s the challenge with this age-old game. Gather up some hula hoops and set some ground rules, like no stepping out of the hoop or letting it drop to the ground. Then let the games begin. Whoever can keep their hula hoop spinning for the longest period will win.  

This game is ideal for any outdoor gathering, especially if you want youngsters to exercise. Hula hooping is not only a lot of fun but also a terrific method for youngsters to get some exercise.

3. Water Balloon Fighting

Water balloon fight

Nothing says summer like a nice old-fashioned water balloon fight. This traditional outdoor game is likely to please children of all ages. Simply fill some water balloons and let the youngsters compete in the backyard.  

You can add teams or set an elimination system for bigger groups to make things even more interesting. Water balloon fights are also great for cooling off when it’s hot outside. So don’t forget to bring a few beach towels and extra water balloons, just in case.

4. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are consistently a hit with kids. Hide some simple items around the backyard or nearby parks and challenge the children to locate them. You can also make it more of an adventure by adding clues they must follow to find their objects. 

Add some riddles that must be answered to advance if you want to get your kids thinking. This is a fantastic approach to promoting imagination and problem-solving abilities. With a little planning, you can construct an outdoor scavenger hunt that will keep the kids interested and occupied for hours.

5. Soccer/Football Match

Kids soccer

Organise a quick soccer game in the backyard with some friends and family. This traditional game promotes teamwork and physical activity among children of all ages. You don’t have to be an excellent player to have a good time, but explain the fundamental rules to your children before the game begins.  

Keep things interesting by adding light-hearted rules like “no-hands” or picking sides based on something silly (like your favourite colour). Soccer/Football isn’t just a great way for kids to stay entertained and a fantastic way to build coordination and physical strength.

6. Frisbee Tossing Game

Frisbee tossing is a fun and easy game for any age group. Open space and some frisbees are all you need. To stand on either side of the pitch, divide your family or friends into two teams. 

It is difficult to throw the frisbee along the field while avoiding any barriers or catching it in the air. The team that holds onto the frisbee the longest wins. This game encourages physical activity and teaches kids how to work together and respect each other’s space.


Kids outdoor activities

Keeping kids entertained and moving outdoors doesn’t have to be hard. With these six fun outdoor activities, you can keep your kids busy and active while having a blast.

There’s something for all ages, from obstacle course challenges to frisbee tossing games. So get outside and enjoy some fresh air with your little ones this summer – they’ll thank you later. Have fun!

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