6 Essential Tips for Good Family Bathroom Hygiene

Organisation, cleanliness and functionality. They are key aspects of any family bathroom. And let’s face it, few spaces welcome chaos like the family bathroom does. From toilet training the little ones, to extra-long showers by a carefree teenager, bathrooms cater for everyone.

6 Essential Tips for Good Family Bathroom Hygiene 1

That’s why it’s arguably the most important room to keep clean in a family home. Good bathroom hygiene is crucial for a safe and welcoming space. You don’t want a dirty bathroom when visitors come round. You certainly don’t want clutter when you go in for a relaxing bath.

Now, there are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom clean. Today the team from Book A Plumber Online gives 6 plumbing-friendly tips to maintain good bathroom hygiene that everyone in the home can help with.

Keep the Toilet Clean

Great hygiene starts with the toilet. No one wants an unsightly toilet bowl lurking in the bathroom. Every family member should be aware of just how to clean up after themselves. And if accidents happen, that’s okay. There’s no need to panic.

Firstly, there is some good news to acknowledge: the germs in your toilet are unlikely to make you sick. The amount of bacteria in and around the toilet is typically not enough to lead to disease or infection.

However, it’s still a risk, and the mess is never welcomed. Careless toilet habits can also lead to blocked drains and blocked toilets. A great first step is to ensure there is always a small bin near the toilet as flushing wet wipes/baby wipes or sanitary products can cause nasty blockages.

Always have a clean toilet brush and cleaning products on hand. Older children can be taught how to clean a toilet bowl properly so there is no ghastly surprise for the next occupant. Washing the brush is easy, too! Either use some spray disinfectant or safely wash it in a bucket with a small amount of bleach (this is where an adult can step in).

Wipe Down Faucets and Benchtops

This one’s simple. When your bathroom faucet and taps start to look dirty, wipe them down. You can use hand soap or natural cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar. The same can be done to benchtops where handprints, makeup, toothpaste and all sorts can be dropped. Some quick tutorials for the kids also mean everyone can be involved, ensuring good habits start from a young age.

Maintain Clean Drains

6 Essential Tips for Good Family Bathroom Hygiene 2

Dirty bathroom and kitchen drains can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s where a whole host of microbes can take hold and become a nuisance. We’re talking Legionella, E Coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and more.

Unhygienic drains are a bad place for cross-contamination. Just think of the splashback when washing your face, brushing your teeth, doing the dishes or filling up a glass of water.

Therefore, you must regularly clean your drains. It will reduce bacteria and mould growth while also helping to minimise drain blockages. Likewise, avoid washing down problematic materials into the bathroom drain.

Things like dental floss, hair, make-up and even large amounts of soap can develop into clogs. Shallow blocked drains in the S or U bend of a sink’s plumbing will keep any bacteria near the surface of your sink.

Water, vinegar and baking soda concoction will easily help you keep your sink and drains unblocked. If bad smells or clogs do persist, however, the issue can be farther down the sewer system. If this is the case, you may need to contact a licensed plumber to perform an in-depth investigation or drain snake.

Ventilate the Bathroom Regularly

It’s easy for a damp, musty odour to develop in a bathroom. And no, it’s not just the smell of teenagers. It can often be a sign of mould and water damage.

The best way to avoid any serious issues is to air out the bathroom. Good ventilation habits begin with using the ceiling exhaust fan while showering or even taking a steamy bath. It stops moisture from settling on walls and seeping into nooks and crannies.

Feel free to open the window, too. Natural ventilation introduces fresh air. A nice cross breeze develops when you also open the bathroom door. With the help of some DIY air fresheners, you can also bring joy to any family bathroom.

Provide Storage for Everyone


Organisation, tidiness and hygienic living are easy when everyone has their own space in the bathroom. For couples, friends or family, it’s crucial to not get in the way of one another or to share personal products.

Simple solutions include giving each family member a drawer at the bathroom basin. If you have shelves, box inserts are a perfect way to keep everything organised without bottles, jars and toiletries flying around the place.

If the existing options are limited you can always purchase a small trolley or install shelves in a convenient location. Anything that can help keep your bathroom benchtop and vanity clear is a major benefit in a busy household.

Avoid Excess Moisture in the Shower and Bathtub

Every bathroom is going to suffer from moisture and condensation. It’s unavoidable as daily showers and washing keep the space damp.

But there are ways to prevent mould growth and avoid the harmful development of black mould. Ventilation and the use of the exhaust fan is one such method. Other steps include wiping down damp surfaces, cleaning tiles regularly and not dumping wet towels onto the floor.

Make sure the shower and/or bath is never continuously damp. If there is high demand, just ask that each person wipes it down with a dry cloth after use. Even something like an absorbent cloth that can be dried, washed and reused several times. Also, wipe down window sills and tiles.

Damp towels should always be hung up on a towel rack to dry. Remember to wash them weekly. Bathroom mats should also be washed and cleaned. You can air it out and dry the bath mat outside if it becomes incredibly moist. Buy a second mat so you can interchange and wash them weekly.

This kind of proactive approach to bathroom hygiene and maintenance will ensure there are no nasty surprises in your household.

6 Essential Tips for Good Family Bathroom Hygiene 3

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