6 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Walls

Everyone likes to work in an office that looks fresh and new. You feel encouraged to work and fulfilled all day long. The general aesthetic of any commercial facility affects the overall productivity of the staff there. Therefore, it is advised to use methods that can maintain the fresh appearance of your office walls for a longer time.

Walls can get dirty and soiled just like any other surface. If not looked after, a freshly painted, vibrant space can quickly become dull, dirty, or even uninviting due to stains, dust, and other contaminants in a short span. After investing your hard-earned money in office paintwork, it’s crucial to understand how to keep your commercial walls spotless and elegant by hiring professionals or doing it yourself.

6 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Walls

Commercial Walls

If you are thinking of hiring professionals to look after the maintenance of your office walls, various commercial painters in Auckland have a range of options that they can use to offer comprehensive support for maintaining your freshly painted walls. However, if you plan to do it yourself, here are a few quick DIY techniques for maintaining the appearance of your walls.

The type of paint used

You should know the type of paint that is used on your walls before starting the entire maintenance process. The most important factor in deciding how to look after your walls is the type of paint used on them. For instance, it is best to clean your wall with warm water and a gentle or mild cleaner if it has a latex paint finish.

Cleaning the spots

The hardest part of cleaning is finding spots. Try to gently scrub off any discolouration, scratches, or stains on your wall to begin. Some stains may be easily removed, but others are quite deep. You require a stain remover or a light detergent in these circumstances. If necessary, you can also use baking soda. Clean the residue once the stain has been removed to prevent allergies.

Get it right at the beginning

Ensuring that the paintwork is done right from the start is one of the simplest methods to guarantee that its maintenance is hassle-free. Make sure you hire trusted commercial painters in Auckland to paint your commercial building. They will use premium, long-lasting paints and make sure that your space is properly prepared, primed, and painted the way you want.

Prevention is better than cure

If you expect heavy traffic on your site, ensure you have tools to protect the paint. For instance, door stoppers can prevent doors from slamming against your walls, which could scratch and harm the paint. Chair rails, wainscoting, and rubber buffers are all helpful for avoiding paint damage.

Act quickly

You can avoid having to repaint your painted surfaces entirely by fixing any damage as soon as you can. Using your painter’s guarantee or performing some touch-ups yourself to fix minor flaws may help the paint on your walls last longer. Remember to keep a little paint from the initial project for touch-ups. You can avoid matching paint colours, which may or may not give you the exact hue you want if you do this.

Don’t let dust accumulate

If you let dust build up on your walls, the paint may fade or peel more quickly. Regularly dusting your walls will help the paint on your building last longer by preventing accumulation. Cleaning up light debris or dust from the walls is simple and may be done with a microfiber cloth or a vacuum with a soft brush.

6 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Walls 1

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