6 Awesome Tours You Can Take While Vacationing In Croatia

The Balkan Peninsula is loaded with some of the most beautiful European countries. One of them is Croatia which has become one of the biggest tourist attractions on this continent. And this comes as no surprise since this wonderful country boasts its share of historic ruins, breathtaking architecture, and many other things. But what certainly makes Croatia even more magnificent is its mesmerizing natural attractions.

Vacationing In Croatia

These things attract people from different parts of the world to come and visit this small yet spectacular southeastern country. If you are planning to visit it, then these are the places you must see.

Tourist Attractions In Croatia That Are A Must!

Let’s Begin With Plitvice Lakes

It’s safe to say that the Plitvice Lakes National Park sweeps every tourist off their feet with its beautiful lakes and the sound of waterfalls that make you feel like you’ve entered the garden of Eden.

There are so many reasons you should go there. Certainly, one of the biggest ones is the fact that you’ll get the opportunity to see sixteen emerald green lakes, dense forests (homes to numerous animals and plants), and various waterfalls.

This country’s biggest national park (with a surface of approximately 30,000 hectares). If by any chance you are currently residing (or planning to) in Split, then it would be advisable to consider taking a Split to Plitvice lakes tour because that’s one of the best ways to properly get to know every single inch of this wonderful National Park. You won’t regret it!

Krka National Park

Now, here’s another National Park that mustn’t be missed. It’s situated in Central Dalmatia of Croatia, a safeguarded area of outstanding natural scenery, historic sites, and wildlife. Additionally, it is widely known for its various waterfalls and natural pools of clear water.

You can reach Krka National Park by bus and/or car from Split to Sibenik. Further, this park provides tourists with wonderfully-maintained walkaways and boat excursions. Certainly, the biggest attractions of this National Park are Roski Slap and Skradinski Buk.

If you’re interested in seeing different archaeological sites and historic monasteries, you will stumble upon them within the park. And what’s even better is that there are many tourist facilities out there, like picnic areas, museums, and restaurants.

Anything Else That Needs To Be Seen?

Oh, And Don’t Forget Beautiful Dubrovnik 

According to many reviews and reports, Dubrovnik is considered one of the most glamorous attractions of this country and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you’ve never seen this part of Croatia, it would be advisable to start with a walk around the vigorous old ramparts, consisting of towers, fortresses, and cannons. 

Moreover, you will also get to see the Old Town by going through the popular Pile Gate, which was built almost five hundred years ago and is one of the most impressive structures in Dubrovnik. 

Suppose you’re yearning to explore Dubrovnik properly. In that case, you should most definitely see the Stradun, which represents a 300-meter-long pedestrian thoroughfare packed with spectacular restaurants, cafes, and stores. It is also known for its white limestone cobblestones. Besides that, you should also pay a visit to an outstanding cathedral, the sensational Square of the Loggia (a historic gathering place known for its spectacular old monuments and buildings), and of course, Fort Lovrijenac, one of Croatia’s most essential fortresses. 

Mljet Island

Vacationing In Croatia

Suppose you’re looking to enjoy delicious Mediterranean food and drinks (like olives, cheese, and wine), plus you are into mesmerizing greenery. In that case, you must go to the Mljet island, which is also part of the Adriatic islands. 

Namely, it’s another Croatian attraction that constantly attracts visitors from all around the world and never ceases to sweep them off their feet with its magical beauty and nature.

More than sixty years ago, a national park was established at the Western end of the island’s geographical structure and mainly consists of ridges, slopes, and crests. The two most popular lakes (in this region) are called Veliko (which means large) and Malo (which means small). In addition, these two salted lakes are particularly interesting to anyone who enjoys swimming and fishing and perfectly embellish this island.

It was pretty challenging to single out only a couple of Croatia’s attractions since this country boasts some of the most wonderful places in Europe (and the world in general). However, we hope these suggestions were enough to encourage you to go there as soon as possible.

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