5 Ways to Make Sure You Love Your Baby Name

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events a person can go through. Amidst the many questions new parents have, wondering how to pick a name is one of the most common. Parents are often anxious about whether they’ll make the wrong name for their children. 

There are several ways to choose a name for your baby, and the truth is that any name would be fantastic so long as you love it. To that end, learning to pick a name for your baby and ensure it’s a name you’ll always love is many new parents’ priority. 

How to Choose a Name for Your Baby

Love Your Baby Name

When considering baby name options, start by scouring the lists of most popular baby names to see if anything jumps off the page. As you look at options, consider what you want your baby’s name to mean before anything else. For example, are you looking for a unique name that others have never heard of, or would you prefer a relatively common name? 

By answering questions that guide the search for a name, you can start to pick a few forerunners options. Beyond this, use the following tips to ensure you love the name you pick for your baby:

1. Consider how it will look in writing

Saying a name out loud is one thing, but seeing it written on paper is another. It may sound perfect when spoken, but you might not like the look of it when it is written. Remembering this as a person’s name appears in writing quite often throughout life, not on all legal documentation. 

2. Think about the possible nicknames your baby will be given

As much as you may love the name you give to your child, consider that nicknames are extremely common in school and among friends or family. While a person’s name may sound great rolling off the tongue, the common nicknames for a name may rub you the wrong way. 

3. Divide and conquer ideas with your partner

Deciding on a name for your baby is difficult enough, not to mention the added challenges of combining two people’s different tastes for names. Divide and conquer with your partner by taking the time to create two separate lists of names you would enjoy. Start by seeing if there are any overlaps between the lists when you review. If there aren’t, consider any names that may be a combination or semi-combination of top names from each list. 

4. Avoid choosing a name because it’s a passing trend

Generally, it’s best to avoid picking a name for your child that comes from a passing trend. Whether it’s social media, a popular television show, or even something you heard on the Internet, passing trend names tend to go out of style relatively quickly. These names may sound interesting, but they are the type that a person looks back on and wonders why they enjoyed them in the first place. 

5. Look up meanings

Most names have meanings in several languages, with some even having multiple meanings. Understanding what a name represents may or may not make a difference in your decision to pick that name for your child. Alternatively, you can look up the translations of certain words and create a name from the roots of those words. 

General Tips for Picking Your Baby’s Name

Love Your Baby Name

When choosing a name for your baby, all of the above considerations will help ensure you love the name. However, there are a few general tips for choosing a baby name that can help you narrow down your options:

  • Write down your name options on paper to see how they look
  • Look at your family tree to see your history.
  • Keep initials in mind.
  • Don’t name your child after your favourite piece of media, as you may not enjoy it anymore one day.

Choose a name you love 

Picking the best name for your child is every parent’s goal, but it’s a difficult task with many options available. Take the time to think about what a name means to you and what you want it to mean for your child. Whether it’s a family name, a traditional-style name, or a name you thought of on the fly, settle on a name that puts a smile on your face every time you hear or say it. 

5 Ways to Make Sure You Love Your Baby Name 1

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