5 Trendy Hair Colours for Mums

Being a Mum is hard work, and sometimes your busy lifestyle can take its toll on your hair, making it look duller than usual. You might be thinking about trying a new colour but feel a little worried about finding something that will be appropriate for work.

Trendy Hair Colours

If this is the case, don’t worry – we’re here to help give you some inspiration with our handy list of 5 trendy hair colours for mums! It’s time to get creative and show off your style! 

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

Before we get into the colours, it’s important to consider the type of dye you want to use on your hair. There are three main types of hair colourant:

  • Permanent Hair Dye – A strong type of hair dye which penetrates the hair shaft to deposit colour within each strand. This type of dye is much harsher on your hair as it alters its natural fibres and often requires bleach. The colour, however, will last much longer than a semi-permanent or temporary dye. 
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Semi-permanent hair dye coats the outer layer of your hair, depositing colour that lasts anywhere from 10-12 washes. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to commit to one colour forever but want a colour that won’t fade too quickly. A great semi-permanent hair dye will also offer a lot of vibrancy and personality!
  • Temporary Hair Dye – A hair dye that is made to fade quickly. Usually, these dyes are applied to damp hair and locked in with heat from a hairdryer. They last around 1-3 washes and are ideal for those who want to try a fun colour for an event! 

Now that we’ve established what types of dyes you can get, we can get into our colour ideas! 

1. Autumnal Auburn Hair Colour 

Autumnal Auburn Hair Colour

Auburn is a great colour for those who want to change their look but want something that is still appropriate for work or responsibilities, which may not be too happy if you come in with flaming red locks! 

A soft Auburn dye can also be applied without having to bleach the hair first, as it works great over light-dark brown hair colours for a red shimmer. The darker your hair is, the more tonal the results will be, but even a subtle auburn glow can add a new twist to your look and shake things up.

It’s also the perfect autumnal shade! 

2. 90s Bronde Hair 

Bronde hair

‘Bronde’ was big in the 90s. It’s a mix of brown and blonde hair colours that offers a sleek and stylish in-between. Think Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Annison for inspiration! 

To achieve the perfect bronde, you’ll need to start with light blonde hair and apply a light-medium brown dye over the top. This creates a unique balance between the underlying cool, light tones and the warmer brown over-tones that separate bronde from your usual brown hair colour. 

It’s a sleek colour that never goes out of style and is still seen by many popular celebrities today! 

3. Pastel Pink Tint 

Pink hair

You could consider going pastel pink if you want to try something more exciting than your usual brown and red tones! 

Pastel pink is one of the best fun colours you can use if you don’t want a colour that will stain your hair or last a long time. Due to the nature of pastel colours being so light, they fade out easily, offering you an exciting change for a few weeks but no lasting commitment to pink hair!

The only catch with pastel colours is that they need to be applied to blonde hair to work, so if you’re naturally darker, you may need to bleach your hair before application.  

4. Back In Black 

Black Hair

Many people are afraid to go darker with their hair out of fear that it’ll wash them out. However, when done right, black hair can create a professional and sleek appearance.

The key to true black is to work with block colour. Black looks super sharp when it’s all over your hair, creating one singular dark shade. When you add things like highlights, your black can start to look messy unless you’re going for a full contrasting colour like white.  

If you prefer a professional look, try using black dye and accompanying it with a short bob hair cut or fringe. It’ll give you a timeless look that will always have you looking fresh and neat. Plus, as it’s a dark shade, it’s easy to apply and maintain on any base colour. 

5. Snow White Blonde 

White blonde hair

Now, hear us out – we know that going white blonde can be a little scary! However, it’s an effective look that can help you stand out without being too crazy. 

You will have to reach for the bleach to get this look, but you can do a few things to make this process easier. For example, follow up your bleach treatment with a purple toner to eliminate any yellow tones, and then put a deep conditioning treatment on your hair to prevent any damage. 

The key to bleached hair is upkeep. If you want to stay white, the best thing to do is purchase a purple shampoo and use this regularly – it’ll keep away the brassy tones and help you keep your white hair looking fresh and fabulous! 

Get Creative! 

Trendy hair colours

We hope this list of 5 trendy hair colours for mums has given you some inspiration. But remember that it all comes down to you and your style! You can pick whatever you want to show off who you are; try something out using a temporary dye before you commit to it. Just be creative and have fun with your hair! 

5 Trendy Hair Colours for Mums 1

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