5 Tips for Planning the Perfect New England Fall Getaway

The weather is cooling down, and more people are planning their memorable getaways to New England nowadays. If you are one of these people and want to get started with your trip ASAP—this article is for you. You’ll find plenty of results if you search the web for New England Fall Getaway. However, most of this information may not fit your plans or budget. 

If you go to New England, you will want to experience it your way. New England is a great place for a getaway in the fall season because it has amazing places to visit and friendly people all around. 

New England Fall Getaway

However, the New England Tours are only as good as your planning. Most people rush into their New England trips, making it not as fun as it can be.

Planning the Perfect New England Fall Getaway: 5 Tips to Remember

Planning a trip to New England during the fall season is a great idea. However, if you want it to be good, you should plan for it in advance. 

Several people visit New England during this time, and not planning could make you miss out on what New England offers. Here’s what you should remember while planning your next trip.

1. Rent a Car

New England has great scenery and some great towns that become the soul of the trip. However, you can visit these smaller towns only if you have a vehicle or a rented one. Visitors can experience several scenic drives as you can drive through villages in the Vermont and western Massachusetts areas.

You can experience the New England culture, visit different locations and sites, shop for unique items New England offers, and much more. 

2. Go Off Path

New England Fall Getaway

Before visiting New England, list the places you want to visit. You can make a quick web search, check online discussion threads, and get peer recommendations. Some of the most common tourist and getaway sites for New England fall include the following:

  • Woodstock
  • Stowe
  • Seyon Lodge State Park
  • North Conway and Lincoln
  • Groton State Forest
  • And several others. 

These are great options to pan out your fall getaway, but there’s no harm in going off-road. You’ll find plentiful foliage along the road—regardless of where you are in New England. The best part is, there won’t be too much crowd around you and you will have most of the area to yourself. You can relax, sightsee, or spend some time under the open sky.

Moreover, there are a few options if you love hiking and camping. These include the following:

  • White Mountains
  • Franconia Notch
  • Crawford Notch State Parks

The best part about the White Mountains is that they are family-friendly; you can visit there during the fall and have some quality family time.

3. Pick the Right Time to Visit

September and early October are the best slots to visit the foliage in New England. However, the exact dates will vary a little based on the state you visit. You should keep an out for the right time slot so you can plan your fall visit accordingly. 

If you want to experience the New England fall in all its might, we recommend visiting the Northeast first because that’s where the leaves start falling first. Rhode Island and Connecticut come in the last week of October. With the right timing in New England, leaves start peeping in no time, making your visits memorable.

4. Perfect Your Photography Skills

New England Fall Getaway

New England has some of the best places for visitors, especially because of its photo ops. See the fall beauty if you want to make your New England visits worth it. New England has some great sites for this. For instance, Blanchette has some great ideas and guides for travellers to improve their visits. 

You should time your visits during the overcast. With the overcast, there’s better colour saturation, giving you the best photos. It’s the ideal winter getaway in New England photography idea. 

However, if you don’t have a professional camera and wish to use cell phones shouldn’t think of close photography during your visits to New England. Even a single red leaf becomes the perfect subject with the right photography skills.

5. Travel During Weekdays

The weekends are a little too busy in New England during the fall season. The streets are bustling with people, and everyone wishes to have fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, but more people mean more competition and potentially higher prices. 

Therefore, planning your visit and ensuring you travel during the week is necessary. You can even use short-term rental software and book your accommodation in New England. Bookings are more affordable and offer flexibility.

Bottom Line

Visiting New England during the fall season is great if you want to experience New England’s beauty firsthand. 

We recommend following the tips in this guide; you should have no problem with your visits. New England has a lot to offer during fall, stay ahead and plan your tour.

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect New England Fall Getaway 1

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