5 Things to do if a car crash is your fault

Experiencing a car crash is scary, perhaps even more so when you are at fault. Accidents occur and whether you were distracted, didn’t look properly or are inexperienced, after experiencing a crash you will likely never make the same mistake twice! Distractions can come from emotions, tiredness, having children in the car or perhaps even our phones. Of course, it is best that you take steps to ensure that you are never put in this situation. Nonetheless, it is important that you know how to respond if you are in a crash that is your fault. If you are reading this after you have already caused a crash and are concerned that you didn’t react how you should have then you will need to hire a car crash attorney. They are specialists in their field and will be able to assist you on your next steps. 

Make sure everyone is safe – Don’t panic!

5 Things to do if a car crash is your fault

Before you do anything else, make sure everyone is safe and away from anything which could be a danger. Including your car if it is seriously damaged and any other incoming traffic. 

Do not admit fault

Do not tell the other driver, police or any witnesses that it is your fault. You don’t have all the information and could be mistaken. So do your best to keep the conversation away from what happened and who was at fault. Ideally, immediately contact car accident lawyers who will walk you through all the necessary steps and will help you lead the conversation in the right direction.

Takedown information and take pictures 

Take photographs

Be sure to get the details of all those involved, including any witnesses. Get their names, contact details and car information. Also, take clear pictures of both cars, if you are at fault you do not want the other driver claiming for damage that you didn’t cause. Also, take photos of any skid marks on the road and any traffic controls. This will help your insurance company decipher any other contributing factors, such as road layout and condition, as well as any traffic controls in place. This may help your case further down the line. 

Be honest with the police and phone the proper state agency

If the police are called, you will have some time before they arrive. Make sure you reflect on what happened and be clear. Be honest with them about what you think happened. In addition to phoning the police if there is any damage to property or any physical injury to those involved, many states require you to report the incident to either the Department of Motor Vehicles or the local police department.  Do this in the first few days and if you are unsure where to go, ask your insurance company. 

Call your insurance company 

Phone call

Phone your insurance company as soon as possible. They can deny compensation if they do not think that you are co-operating with them. So again, be honest and give them any information that you have, including your pictures and witness information. Do this before getting your car fixed as they may want to take their own photographs. Let them know about any repairs you plan on getting done. Unfortunately, if you are found to be at fault, your premium will probably increase for several years.

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