5 Things to Avoid if You Want to Preserve Your Hearing

In life, we are not immune to the aging process. It’s something that is inevitable if we are to live past a certain age. So, it is up to us to take good care of ourselves in hopes to look, function, and feel good, even well into our golden years.

Do you want to age with grace? Here are multiple things you may want to avoid to keep your hearing strong and sharp as you age:

Preserve Your Hearing

One of the first things most people turn to is a cotton swab when they feel like their ears are plugged up with earwax. However, the issue with cotton swabs is that, while they can and do collect earwax, they are also notorious for pushing earwax deeper into the ear canal as well.

Not to mention, there are risks of using cotton swabs, such as accidentally puncturing the eardrum during use. In turn, hearing loss can be a result.

Watching tv

Are you the type of person who loves to listen to loud music or watch the TV at a high volume? This is certainly something you’re going to want to stop doing. Otherwise, your hearing can be affected now and in the future.

If you are already dealing with hearing issues, try using subtitles when watching TV alongside listening at a safer volume.

Live music

Not only are high volumes horrible for the health of our ears, but constant noise is another thing that can be harmful to your hearing. It’s critical to give your ears the time they need to decompress and rest after hearing frequent noise. This is especially true after, say, attending a concert or other loud event.

Power tool

Noisy activities like the use of power tools, lawnmowers, or shooting guns, for instance, cannot typically be avoided, generally speaking. However, if your hearing is important to you, it’s a good idea to avoid as many loud activities as possible- or at least wear proper ear protection when exposed to such noise.


Did you know that certain foods you eat can have a negative impact on the quality of your hearing? Yes, it’s true. It turns out, foods high in cholesterol can be bad for our ears and how well they function.

High-cholesterol foods you’ll want to avoid or reduce consumption of include high-fat meats, vegetable oils, margarine, eggs, sugar and artificial sweeteners, and processed cheeses. Not only are foods like these horrible for your hearing, but they’re generally unhealthy and harmful to the body in numerous other ways.

Are you or a loved one already dealing with hearing issues? Experience the difference with Earlens.

Hearing is often something we take for granted when we are younger. When aging, it’s very common to lose the level of hearing we once had. While it’s unfortunate that hearing loss happens, on a brighter note, there are things you can do to preserve your hearing or slow down the rate at which your hearing declines as you get older.

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