5 Advantages of Decorating your Wall with Personalised Wall Decals

When discussing decorating walls, countless ideas and techniques can help us highlight a room in our home. You can opt for classic options such as paint, wallpaper, or reinvent yourself and bet on decoration with vinyl. Using wall stickers has been quite a sensation; you can find them in presentations for different surfaces, not only on walls but also on stands, floors, advertising, labels, signage, posters, and more.

5 Advantages of Decorating your Wall with Personalised Wall Decals

The advantages of using vinyl to decorate are very wide since they offer us great quality and quantity of designs. The decorating ideas are endless. You have so many designs to choose from or create your own! This way, you can stand out from the other homes for your authenticity when giving a new breath to one of your spaces. Its installation is very fast, and you can place it in your home, office, your business.

Decorative wall vinyl is a thin plastic film made of a layer of polyvinyl chloride (a part on which you are not allowed to print either the designs preset by the company or those made by yourself). Then comes a second layer characterized by the adhesive itself, which is the surface that sticks quite easily and hard to smooth surfaces that are already destined to be remodelled. Finally, we have the third layer, a silicone paper or support paper that, in addition to protecting the second layer with glue, is where the vinyl itself is supported while it is not ready to be used.

Personalised Wall Decals

Below we leave you five of the main advantages for which vinyl is a ten out of ten when thinking about making an express change.

1. Endurance

It is a resistant material with a guaranteed durability of years for your room without depigmenting its colour or becoming opaque, although everything also depends on the care you give it; in general terms, it performs quite well in terms of resistance. Of course, before sticking it to the wall, you must clean it well, eliminating any lumps or impurities that are going to hinder the finish of the sticker; make sure that the wall is smooth and not porous (because if you are not careful with these small details the finish will look sloppy with little elegance and quality that will therefore make it acquire a slovenly or poorly worked appearance). You can help yourself with a ruler to calculate where you want to paste it.

2. Hygiene

There are washable surface types of vinyl; that is, they are great for those spaces prone to getting dirty, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and exteriors. The advantage of this type of material is that it allows you to wash the sticker with a microfiber towel (to avoid lint) or pass a damp sponge over the sticker as many times as necessary, so they are undoubtedly the most suitable for any environment. Prone to dirt. Their maintenance does not require heavy instruments to clean them; the best technique is to first start with the top types of vinyl and finish with the bottom types. It does not require special cleaning products; mild soap and water are enough (you should avoid petroleum-based products).

Personalised Wall Decals
Image source:happywallz.co.uk

3. Originality

The types of vinyl invite you to make personalized wall stickers. They invite you to get inspired and design your decals according to what you like, in colour, shape, and size, among others. According to

all the types of vinyl, the most expensive to acquire are these. Why? Because you can have a completely personalized wall, a unique wall that you will not find in any other home or establishment in general.

4. It is reusable but not invasive

Another advantage is that when you live rented somewhere, the owner does not authorize you to make major changes to the home, so customised wall decals are one of your best allies since you not only protect the wall in the sense that when removing the adhesive is going to mistreat it. It does not leave residues that are difficult to remove later; the wall remains intact without cracks, scratches, holes, or stains, so you do not have to repaint it. In addition, you will be able to satisfactorily decorate the interiors of your home to your liking without worrying that you are damaging the rented property.

We must highlight the power of reuse since they are not only easy to remove when you are tired of them, but you can also recycle them in another room if you wish. For example, you decorated your studio with the stylish personalised name wall stickers that you found most in trend on the internet. Still, after a few days, you realize that you do not feel identified with that style that you had selected, which makes you feel alien to your studio, something that is not a problem because you can reuse it in a different concept in another room or even give it away since this material has the peculiarity that if you take it off twice, it retains its functionality.

Personalised Wall Decals

5. Economic

Finally, it is friendly to your pocket since you do not require any specialist or an extraordinary effort to install the decals; you are completely capable of installing them yourself! It is very easy to place it; once you have chosen the place to paste it, you just have to remove the back paper that protects the glue of the sticker and then proceed to place it specifically as we want it on the wall. At the same time, we take a spatula and exert pressure outwards to drag towards outside the bubbles that are trapped inside.

Important, you must make sure you get an establishment specialized in customizing wall stickers so that once you make your order official, you get a good finish and quality product. A good fact is that this material does not deteriorate when used outdoors since they are resistant to UV rays and therefore does not lose the quality that characterizes them. The most important thing in interior design and decoration is to achieve a pleasant result for those who will use the room, so the elements and style must adapt to personal taste.

5 Advantages of Decorating your Wall with Personalised Wall Decals 1

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