4 Signs Your Senior Parent May Need a Hearing Aid

As the Baby Boomer generation moves into their retirement years, more adult children learn to take on the conversion of the traditional roles into being caregivers. Many adult children struggle with this switch and find it challenging to ensure their senior parents’ safety while giving them the room to live independently.

4 Signs Your Senior Parent May Need a Hearing Test
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One of the most common attributes of natural ageing is a loss of hearing. Although most people only suffer from minimal losses, even the smallest degree of impairment can mean changes to everyday life. Many seniors are resistant to admit that they may have some hearing loss, so it becomes more important for adult children and caregivers to pay close attention.

In some cases, a hearing loss may be mistakenly attributed to a loss of memory or problems with dementia. The professionals at Helix Hearing Care recommend looking for these signs of hearing loss to determine when it’s time to take your senior parent for a hearing test. Doing a hearing test is the best way to determine the quality of your senior parent’s hearing and if they will benefit from hearing aids or any other assisted hearing devices.

Increased Volume

Seniors that are having a hard time hearing often overcompensate by turning up the volume. This applies to the television, the stereo, and car speakers. When the hearing begins to fail, it is often recognised as an inability to hear clearly, for example, being able to hear characters speaking on the television.

The standard solution is to turn up the volume. If you notice that when you visit with your senior parents that the TV or stereo volume is abnormally loud, it could mean that they have trouble hearing.

Change in Mannerisms

Seniors that are experiencing hearing issues are often hesitant to reveal their problem. A loss of hearing may mean a loss of independence, and most seniors are reluctant to share their concerns. Although your senior parent may not admit to having a hearing problem, you may be able to find clues that will give away the problem.

A change in mannerisms is key. Those who have trouble hearing will often lean into conversations to hear better or sit closer to you when trying to listen. You may also look for a subtle tilt or turn of the head or the pulling on an ear lobe.

“Pardon Me?”

One of the most obvious signs of hearing loss in your senior parent is the repetitive requests for you to repeat yourself. When seniors are having a tough time hearing, they may miss parts of the conversation and ask you to repeat yourself more clearly.

Poor Recall

When seniors have a hard time hearing, they often miss out on the details of the conversation. If you notice that your parents cannot recall parts of conversations that they were present for, it may mean that they have not been able to hear correctly.

Hearing loss in seniors is common and can be treated effectively with a hearing aid. If you suspect your parent is having a tough time with their hearing, it’s time to have a conversation about getting a hearing test. Encouraging your parent to get the right treatment will allow them to maintain their independence and retain their quality of life while enjoying the things and people they love.

4 Signs Your Senior Parent May Need a Hearing Aid 1

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