4 Questions To Ask a Bra Fitting Specialist To Get the Right Fit

From the time they are tweens or teenagers, females get used to wearing bras. It can sometimes feel like a curse; likely, the foremost thing you desire after you get home, is to take it off! A proper bra fitting is something that many women need to take advantage of. However, getting a professional bra fitting can make all the difference. Most women don’t choose the correct bra size on their own. You could be a cup size larger than you realize. It’s no wonder bras are disliked. Ask these four critical questions when you choose a professional bra fitting.

1. How Do I Find Out My Breast Shape?

Bra Fitting

When fitting a bra, it’s not all about size. Your bra should work for your specific breast shape. You may be surprised at the variety of breast shapes. There are eight varieties. Your bra fitting professional will tell you yours. 

  • Asymmetric
  • Athletic
  • Close-set
  • Outward facing
  • Round
  • Slender
  • Teardrop
  • Wide-set

Your breast shape determines which style of bra works best for you. Your professional fitter can help you with this.

2. What Bras Are Best for My Type of Boobs?

Moulded or contour bras are best for asymmetric breasts. They can differ in size by a cup size or more. If you have athletic-style breasts, demi-cup, plunge, push-up bras, or bralettes are ideal. Plunge bras or bras with cups that offer more separation are most suitable for close-set breasts. Push-up or moulded bras with side panels work well for outward-facing breasts. Round breasts are the most versatile, fitting nicely into virtually all bra types. If you have slender breasts, you require a lot of support. Therefore, push-ups, balconettes, and demi-cups are the best bras for women with this breast shape. Tear-drop-shaped breasts need plenty of support and increased lift, but most bra styles function well. Wide-set breasts have a more significant cleavage gap; your breasts are set farther out on your chest. It’s essential to provide sufficient coverage and support. Experts recommend balconette-style bras for these women, designed to mask the additional space.  

3. What Is My Correct Bra Size?

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It’s challenging to determine your bra size independently; many women have never had a professional fitting and have always worn the wrong size bra. Your professional bra fitter will take your measurements at your fitting. This will typically involve measuring at the fullest part of the bust and just under the bust. The fitter will determine your correct bra size by basing it on these measurements and the shape of your breasts. You may be surprised to find out you are at least a cup size bigger than you thought. 

4. Will I Need Another Fitting in the Future?

When you go for your bra fitting, your specialist will likely suggest another fitting in three to six months. Your breast size and shape can change if you lose or gain weight, are pregnant, or are nursing.

Now that you know some bra problems and how to fix them, you can look forward to finally being more comfortable in your bra. As a bonus, many women find that a good-fitting bra improves their appearance. Look for your local professional bra fitting specialist today!

4 Questions To Ask a Bra Fitting Specialist To Get the Right Fit 1

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