3 Fun Games to Play With Uno

There is no doubt that Uno is one of the most popular card games in the world. It is a brilliant way of spending time with your friends and family, having fun with them, while competing to see who can win the game of Uno. 

While Uno is fun, players have to match colours or numbers and try to get rid of their cards as soon as possible; the traditional way of playing Uno is not the only one. Uno game rules are very simple to understand and play. But how about some other ways to play it? 

Fun Games to Play With Uno

Games to Play With Uno

Like a deck of cards, you can play many interesting games with a pack of Uno cards. So here are some of the fun games to play with Uno with your friends and family. 

1. Snap

Snap is like Slap Jack which is played with a normal deck of cards. Snap checks your reflex skills and how attentive you are in the game. Here’s how to play snap. 

First, you’ll need to remove all the power cards from the deck and keep number cards of all four colours. The deck is then shuffled properly, and all the cards are dealt. Make sure no one can see what card they have. 

The dealer will then turn the first card and keep it in a pile. The next play will follow this. The aim is to quickly slam your hands onto the pile of cards when there’s a pair of cards in a pile. 

For example, if the pile has a five and the next card is a 5, be the first one to slap the pile and keep all the cards. The player must have all the cards to win the game. You can do it for numbers, colours, or both. 

2. Match 

Match is a brilliant game of memory skills that tests how well you can remember things. It is equally fun at the same time. All you need is ‘n’ number of card pairs, which could be five or ten pairs, depending on the number of players. 

You can create pairs either by colour or numbers. Shuffle the cards and then place all the cards on the table face down. The dealer will then turn one card so that everyone can see what the card is. The next player will turn another card, and so on. 

This game aims to remember which card is placed where and then turn the cards that are a pair when your turn comes. Successfully finding the pair will result in the player keeping the pair. The player with the most number of pairs will win the game. 

You can make this game more challenging by increasing the number of pairs and penalizing wrong guesses by making the player skip their next turn. Make sure you have a strong memory to win this game. 

3. Card Market


Card Market is another simple yet fun Uno game that does not require much skill or rules. So, this is a perfect game for young kids and children. Remove the power cards from the deck and then shuffle the rest of the cards. 

Each player gets around 5 to 10 cards depending on the number of players, and then the rest of the car is made into a pile, all face down. Each player must close their eyes, take one card from the pile, and see if they can make a pair. If a pair can be made, the pair is kept aside. 

If the card cannot be made into a pair, it must be kept in the jumbled pile. The player who gets all the pairs made wins the game. As you can guess, the game is heavily dependent on luck, which makes winning this game difficult but fun too. 

Sum it Up!

A unique game you can play with Uno cards, Sum it Up is also great for people who are weak at adding. You won’t need any power cards, so keep them out of the deck. Just keep the number cards. 

Shuffle the cards well and then divide the entire deck amongst the players. Each player then takes a look at their cards. 

The dealer will then yell a number under 20, and the other player must place two cards whose sum will be exactly what the number has been called. 

This number will be said by the next player then, in a clockwise manner. Note that the player who yells the number cannot throw the cards. The player who remains with just one card wins, while players who lose all the cards or have more than one card lose.

3 Fun Games to Play With Uno 1

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