3 Different Types of Roofing Companies to Choose From

We agree that roofing issues are rather unpleasant and often leave the person in awe about who to contact about their problem. There are many people out there offering roofing services. Nevertheless, just because they might have “Roofing” written with their name doesn’t mean they can offer you what you want. 

3 Different Types of Roofing Companies to Choose From

Hence, it is essential to identify the roof type with which you are having a problem. It could be a residential roof, a commercial one, or it could be that you are just looking for a specific type of roofing system. Experts find that getting a quote from any roofing company feels like getting a brake repair quote from any car dealer. There are uncountable car dealers that can see that your brake issues are solved, but they always remain the question of which one is the best suited for the job.

3 Different Types of Roofing Companies to Choose From

Similarly, every roofing company is different and cannot offer the results you expect. This article is going to mention three different types of roofing contractors. Reading about them will help you identify what they are good at, what they are bad at, and which aligns with your objectives. Let’s begin! 

1. Commercial Roofing Contractor

As the name suggests, a commercial roofing contractor is best suited for people looking for a roof for their commercial buildings. Commercial roofing contractors fall in the range of the people who need a roof of at least 20,000+ sq. feet and fall within 150 miles of the roofing contractors. 

Commercial contractors often prefer installing flat or low-slope roofs. Additionally, they prefer using specific materials in their roofing systems, including metal, single-ply, silicone roof coating or spray polyurethane foam systems. 

Commercial roof contractors are usually good at roofing more significant buildings, at least 5,000 sq. ft. They are good with larger buildings as they have ample staff who can work in teams depending on the size and time they have to complete the project. The larger the project’s roof is, the more range will be available for you in choosing the right roofers preston (or wherever you reside) while also accommodating your budget.

Some Tips for choosing the best commercial roofing contractor:

Considering these tips are essential in ensuring that you have found the right contractor: 

  1. The time they have spent working. 
  2. Does the contractor have any references to show that you can contact? 
  3. Has the contractor completed any contracts with a similar scope as your project? 
  4. Look for any certifications or awards that they might have to show. A certificate or award proves their dominance on the field and that they are good at what they do. 

However, if you are looking for a commercial roofing contractor for your residential house, we must tell you that the price will be considerably higher than you might anticipate. Some of the reasons include the following: 

  1. Commercial contractors usually have a more extensive service team on their payroll. 
  2. They probably come with an administration team on their payroll. 
  3. They have large buildings that come in handy for housing trucks, equipment, etc. 
  4. Commercial contractors offer benefits to their employees, including insurance, training, vacation, and other benefits. 

In conclusion, a commercial roof contractor is the best bet for someone looking to complete large projects while keeping track of their expenditure. But since commercial contractors have a large amount of overhead, they don’t have the room to be cost-effective for residential projects. 

2. Residential Roofing contractor

If you are looking for a roofing contractor for your house or any other residential building, a residential roof contractor is the right choice. 

Residential roofing contractors get recognition for performing shingle work in local areas. If you don’t know, shingles are the roofing system preferred by most residential roofing contractors. They prefer this type of roofing since it offers great looks and helps boost the house’s aesthetics. They often also go well with modern wallpapers and designs, making them the right choice for modern housing projects. 

Additionally, the shingles look much more appealing than a metal roof as they can have many design options to go well with the design of your house. 

As you may have gotten an idea from the passage above, residential roofing contractors are great at making your house look beautiful. Plus, they are usually quick about reaching your house and completing the roofing job as quickly as possible. The main reason is that most residential roofing contractors only deal with the local area.

And, in our experience, it’s better this way. If you hire a roofing company from a distance, the costs you will accumulate for the distance will make the price tag much more prominent, rendering the job inefficient. In addition, some residential roofing companies also offer window repair and replacement services too. This means that if you were looking for a window installer and have work done on your roof, you can now get both done at the same time by the same company, thus increasing efficiency further. 

Expect the residential roofing projects to cost between $5000 and $20000. The price tag will differ based on different factors, including: 

  1. How many square feet is the roof? 
  2. How many shingles will the contractor apply? 
  3. Is any deck work that needs repairing before the contractor installs the roof? 
  4. How quickly do you want the job completed?
  5. The height of the house is in the air. 

The ideal type of roof for a residential roofing contractor is usually under 5000 square feet and within 50 miles of the roofing contractor. They prefer installing shingle roofs; most of the time, residential roofs will be low-slope or high-slope. 

3. System-specific roofing contractor

We have already established that a roofing contractor will be a commercial or a residential contractor. However, the type of roofing system they specialize in can set them apart. 

You will find this beneficial being a property owner who has done their due diligence regarding the kind of roof they are looking for. Once you know what you are looking for, finding a contractor specializing in roofing systems becomes significantly more manageable. 

Stereotypical Roofing Systems


Some of the stereotypical roofing systems include: 

1. Spray Polyurethane Foam

Commonly known as spray foam, this kind of roofing system is installed in the form of a liquid, which later expands into foam. It expands into the foam, creating a closed-cell layer over an existing roof. 

What makes this type of roofing system efficient is that the initial installation of this roofing system will require the least amount of tear-off of the existing roof. 

Furthermore, these spray foam roofs are renewable and come under warranty. All you need to do is clean the roof and add more coating overtop every once in a while to make the roof suitable for another 10-20 years to come. 

2. Single-Ply

A single-ply roofing system is sheets of rubber that the contractor can ballast and mechanically fasten to make the roof hold on to the building as tight as possible. Single-ply roofs are the easiest to install for any roofing contractor, making them less costly than the other roofing types. 

3. Metal

When a contractor uses large metal panels to insulate a roof, this type of roofing is called metal roofing. This roofing system usually depends on using galvanized steel. However, materials depend on the contractor’s preferences, as some use aluminium or tin. 

**Tip: Once you have decided on the suitable roofing company for you, there is also one more preference that you must look for. Although it’s a preference, it can help complete the process much faster and more efficiently.

We suggest that you look for a roofing company near you. Choosing a company located close to you will help you understand your issues better, and you can also visit them at any convenient time to ask them about the progress or details of your project. However, if you don’t know any roofing companies nearby or have any credible references, it’s time to turn to the internet for help. Go to Google, and search accordingly to the area where you live. For example, if you lived in Lawrenceville, you could simply go to Google and search “roofing company in Lawrenceville, ga.”

Many search results will turn up. You can shortlist the results by mentioning the type of company apt for you and looking for the results that have the best reviews and show up on top. These are the most trusted ones and can offer you better deals on your project. 

Final Words

At this point, you must know the kind of roofing company suitable for you. After all, the fundamental objective of this guide was to give you a clear picture of which type of contractor is the right one for you. 

If your needs fit better with a residential roofing contractor, there is no point in going for a commercial roofing company and vice-versa. You will want the best experience, and this is a crucial step to hiring someone who is an expert in what they offer. 

So, now that you know what kind of roofing company to hire, you might as well get started with the roofing process! We hope your project goes well and that the information in this article can help shape your decision. 

3 Different Types of Roofing Companies to Choose From 1

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